15th virtual edition of the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival: more than 60 films available on demand


The 15th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival today celebrates the breadth and depth of Greek cinema. The virtual edition of LAGFF will offer the new Greek cinema with features, short films, documentaries, animations on a secure platform accompanied by a multitude of webinars, live and pre-recorded question and answer sessions. Due to COVID-19, the festival will run on demand only for this year from May 10 to 30. The virtual component allows this year’s Festival to reach a global audience.

With over 60 feature films, shorts, handouts and animated films, LAGFF 2021 is the largest online Greek film festival outside of Greece. LAGFF presents new films from Greece and Cyprus and includes works by international filmmakers of Greek origin. The Festival promotes Greek cinema, cultural exchanges and helps to bridge the gap between Greek filmmakers and Hollywood. Among the webinars that will be announced and free, there is a workshop presenting a new approach to film set management with mediation professional Carina Rosanna Tāutu; a panel on how the need for diversity is rapidly changing business, moderated by acclaimed film critic Elvis Mitchell; two panels on new unprecedented film production opportunities in Greece; a long live question-and-answer session with the cast and crew of MAN OF GOD as well as a panel with new Greek filmmakers.

LAGFF is a non-profit organization that focuses its attention on bringing films and filmmakers from Greece, Cyprus and the rest of the world to the United States. Over the past 15 years, LAGFF has screened more than 520 films and hosted more than 500 filmmakers supporting their films.

All festival films are in English or with English subtitles. They are grouped into seven thematic collections: Realities and Fictions, Festival Ch̩ris, History and Tradition, Liquid Visions, Animation РFamily, Animation РOlder Children and Special Screenings.

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Darlings Film Festival Collection

A collection of short films that has won numerous awards at international film festivals:

“Antivirus”, Greece, 2020, 15 min Athens, Greece 2020. Quarantine days. Daphne, a young jazz singer, decides to “break” the wall that separates her from her boring neighbor.

“BELLA”, Greece, 2020, 24 minutes, LA Premiere Greece in the late 1980s, shortly before the fall of state socialism and just after the end of the Cold War. In front of Anthi’s eyes, the country changes, the world changes and with them, Christos also seems to change.

“Draw With Me, USA”, 2020, 25 min, North American premiere The exit journey of Brendon Scholl, a young person who identifies as trans, and how art has become their means of self-expression.

The end of suffering (a proposal) ”, Greece, 2020, 14 min Sofia is panicked again. The Universe decides to contact her in a dialogue from another world. A planetary symphony for Mars, where people daydream and fight for love.

“Escaping The Fragile Planet”, Greece, 2020, 17 min, LA Premiere A boy-meets-boy tale, a few hours before the end of the world.

“Madonna F64.0”, Greece, 2020, 17 min, LA Premiere As Maria’s body begins to heal, a deeply hidden desire of hers surfaces.

“Melatonin”, Greece, 2020, 13 min, US premiere A little love story about electronic music and sleep disorders.

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Realities and Fictions Collection

“Daniel ’16” (feature film), Greece, 2020, 101 min, US Premiere In a remote village near the Greek border with Turkey, Daniel, a young German delinquent, experiences unprecedented emotions and must resolve difficult dilemmas … His final decision will surprise everyone.

“Digger” (feature film), Greece / France, 2020, 101 min, LA Premiere The young son of a farmer returns after a separation of twenty years. Father and son clash head-on, with nature as the only observer, a confrontation that ultimately results in unexpected redemption for both.

“Green Sea” (feature film), Greece / Germany, 2020, 95 min, US premiere In the kitchen, amid the scents of spices and old forgotten recipes, Anna struggles to reconstruct her past. Her simple but delicious food awakens memories for regulars who in turn help her reconnect with herself.

“Kala Azar” (feature film), Greece / Netherlands, 2020, 91 min, LA Premiere A young couple’s professional routine of picking up and cremating those killed on the road is called into question when they cause an accident themselves.

“The man with answers” (feature film), Cyprus / Greece / Italy, 2020, 80 min, LA Premiere On their way to Germany, Victor and Matthias find common emotional ground as their summer road trip takes unexpected turns. A tender story of self-discovery, love and family, in its many forms.

“Pari” (feature film), Greece / France / Netherlands / Bulgaria, 2020, 111 min, LA Premiere Pari’s search for his son will follow in his rebellious footsteps, taking him on a journey from the darkest corners of Athens and the hidden depths of his soul to his ultimate freedom.

History and Tradition Collection

“Amalgamation” (doc), Cyprus, 2020, 19 min A moving portrait of a female choir revisiting traditional songs in a contemporary way, connecting past and present, with a strong voice and a deep sense of community and friendship.

“Heroes Of Salonika” (doc), Greece / Israel, 2020, 69 min, North American premiere A moving and monumental story that highlights the virtually unknown destruction that plagued Jews in the Greek city of Thessaloniki during the Holocaust.

“The Journey Of Askavlos” (doc), Greece / Germany, 2020, 88 mins, World Premiere The ancient Greek bagpipe is being assimilated into the contemporary music scene and integrates with modern sounds, beyond the realm of traditional festivals, thus gaining a younger audience and enjoying great resonance in Greece and in the world.

“KE * HA * ‘JAS – Man Of The Land” (doc), Greece, 2020, 62 min, World premiere Memories, forgetfulness, silences and identities help illuminate the rural, economic and social history of the Aegean island of Lemnos.

“Markos” (doc), Greece / Serbia / Italy, 2020, 93 min, LA Premiere Α a company of musicians travels to the Greek island of Syros, birthplace of the legendary folk musician Markos Vamvakaris, where they are invited to perform in homage to his work.

“Once Upon A River” (feature film), United States, 2019, 90 min It’s 1978 and 15-year-old Native American teenage Margo Crane has to travel to the Stark River for an odyssey. Similar to Huck Finn, she is a heroine like no other. Based on the bestselling novel ONCE UPON A RIVER by Bonnie Jo Campbell.

“Persephone” (feature film), Greece, 2020, 88 min, North American Premiere The Greek myth of Persephone’s kidnapping comes to life before the eyes of a Japanese group in an Athenian inn.

“Spiros and the circle of death” (doc), Greece / Belgium, 2020, 56 min Human portrait of an old-fashioned speed and risk enthusiast in a rapidly changing world.

Liquid Visions consists of nine short films including “Goads” (2020) awarded several times by Iris Baglanea. The collection of special screenings includes “Tailor” by Sonia Liza Kenterman.

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