160 performances, 30 events, 16 venues


The Dublin Fringe Festival lineup for 2021, including more than 160 performances from 30 events in 16 venues, is announced today. From September 11 to 26, the festival returns to Project Arts Center, Bewleys Cafe Theater, Smock Alley, and Samuel Beckett Theater, among others, as well as outdoor stages at city landmarks, as well as shows designed to be experienced in or near your home for audiences outside of Dublin.

Last year’s festival managed to squeeze through the worst blockages, and after an unprecedented period for live performances, the 27th Dublin Fringe sees the team host a festival of premieres, with 26 world premieres and three premieres in Dublin.

On the theme of Superflux, “a flood of possibilities driven by the energy of change” of the past 16 months, the Fringe remains committed to presenting new ideas and new voices. “These brilliant performers activate the city with acts of joy and intimacy,” sending “a spark to an adventurous audience,” said festival manager Ruth McGowan.

The event “negotiated the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 with both flexibility and tenacity,” according to Maureen Kennelly, director of the Arts Council, which is the Fringe’s main funder. “In particular, the festival brings this same inventive spirit to its 2021 program, encouraging the public to seek out artistic adventures across the city carried out by artists who propose to challenge us and entertain us in unique spaces. “

DFF2021: A taste of the news

  • Master class A world-first international collaboration between Irish directors Brokentalkers and world Fringe veteran Adrienne Truscott, embracing the cult of the great male playwright.
  • You are magic by Alicia Eggert A touch-activated live pop-up interactive sculpture celebrating the power of collaboration.
  • Speak softly, go far A trio of “Secret Theater Experiences” by Maia Nunes, Hannah Mamalis and Oisin McKenna, commissioned by Fringe and the Abbey. The audio encounters will be experienced alone, in the public space near you, inviting you to let an artist occupy your mind.
  • Minseach (goat) Sibéal Davitt (Glas Vegas from TG4) creates a bilingual dance memory.
  • Save Annie Lauren Shannon Jones and Eoghan Carrick’s live theater performance on a dead woman; it begins with an intimacy workshop and ends with an out-of-body experience.
  • Tonic by Fionn Foley and Rough Magic A new fully sung and fully danced outdoor musical that satirizes Ireland in the wake of a cataclysmic apocalyptic event.
  • You are still here The Whisper Show was presented in a tent in the grounds of Dublin Castle, following a family when a prodigal son comes home with all the siblings living together again.
  • The Veiled by Junk Ensemble Youth dance theater featuring an ensemble of dancers and musicians from across Europe, exploring the identity of witches and grandparent-grandchildren relationships, loosely informed by Roald Dahl’s The Witches.
  • The program, divided into six components, also includes Film readings: The Breakfast Club, Dreamgun’s open-air comedy at Dublin Castle; Abundance, an ode to queer joy from Glitterhole’s Beth Hayden and live artist Matthew Bratko; Narcissus, a play about queer friendship and life-changing parties; Malaprop’s new play, Where the lovers were sitting, when a family member falls into the trap of conspiracy theories; and a touch of art made for and by young people.
  • Weft is a project to develop talent and network with emerging and early career black artists and artists of color in Ireland. Thanks to the Arts Council’s Open Call Award, it is in partnership with Hot Brown Honey, Origins Eile and director Dylan Coburn Gray.
  • Comedy in the Fringe features Joanne McNally’s new show, Paul Currie’s absurd stand-up, Sarah Devereux (aka Dirt Bird) designing a crafting and crafting shop, and Ian Lynam’s first stand-up show, Autistic License. .

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