5 albums Sarah Yagki wishes she would never finish

Sydney indie pop artist, Sarah Yagki returns with her first new music of 2022 as she expands her sonic territory with ‘Wanted More’ featuring R&B arrangements.

After a productive 2021 that saw Sarah release a slew of singles built on honest songwriting, “Wanted More” continues the young artist’s momentum with her achingly beautiful voice drawing all the emotive thrills.

“‘Wanted More’ is a song about the fear of repeating toxic habits in a relationship, both from the new partner and yourself,” Sarah shares.

“It explores the uncertainty of stepping into a new relationship, while past traumas, experiences and fears still linger.

“The process of creating the music started with creating a chord progression over which I then put a melody.

“The tune to ‘Wanted More’ came from me trying to communicate in the easiest way to a partner how I feel along the journey of this new relationship.

“[The] “I wanted more, I wanted more” [lyric] I’m the one telling myself and my partner. The lyrics are based on narration, with verse one exploring what I’m afraid to do, and verse two exploring what I’m afraid the partner won’t do.

“Overall, ‘Wanted More’ is a song to help bring uncertainty to light.”

Here, Sarah shares five albums she wanted more/wished would never end.

Billie Eilish – “Happier Than Ever”

I was given this as a CD to listen to while driving, and being able to go through the album from start to finish was amazing. Track order is determined, with two particular overlapping tracks that I didn’t notice until I listened to the album.

The tracks range from soft and delicate, overly loud and gritty, but all with an intention that sounds like Billie Eilish.

Chelsea Cutler and Jeremy Zucker – ‘Brent II’

This album is the second collaboration album from two of my favorite artists, and it’s a fantastic indie-pop album from both.

My favorite is Emily, with both artists singing on the track and the whole album is uplifting, lush and emotional.

Role Model – “Oh, How Perfect”

This six-track EP features some of my favorite tracks from the artist, including “That’s Just How It Goes”, “Notice Me” and “Say It First”. It’s another collection filled with tension and release, emotion and freedom across all tracks.

Maggie Lindemann – ‘PARANOIA’

It’s a different twist on the kinds of albums I listen to, with punk-pop inspired tracks from this powerful artist. Some of my favorite songs are ‘Different’ and ‘Crash And Burn’.

Eden – ‘Vertigo’

It’s my favorite album of all time, with all the songs that still inspire me in all the content of my musical creation. ‘Vertigo’ is the artist’s biggest album by runtime, and is an electronic/indie pop by the singer.

Sarah Yagki performs an acoustic set supporting Airline at Fridays At The Alley (Sydney) on April 22 before performing Yours & Owls Sundays at North Gong Hotel (Wollongong) on ​​May 8.

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