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Our guest this week on The Creative Boom Podcast is illustrator Adriana Bellet – otherwise known as Jeez Vanilla.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, but originally from Spain, Adriana graduated from London University of the Arts in 2010 with a postgraduate degree in Surface Design and has been working as a freelance since.

Specializing in editing and editing, Adriana loves to create characters and tell stories, all in extremely colorful spaces. Color is indeed an important characteristic of his work. She works from her home studio for clients such as NBC News, The Guardian and Random House, and for the past two years has been represented by illustration agency Marlena. Having an agent is something she says was a difficult change, only because it was difficult to let go of some control after a decade of working for herself.

In recent years, Adriana has become a mother. With two kids and a husband – it has certainly changed the way he sees work and in this episode we talk about that balance, why work isn’t everything and how we all have to make choices about what we do and do not assume. We discuss the pandemic, naturally, and the events of last summer – of Black Lives Matter – and why it might have been a confusing time for her.

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