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The Unruly Boss Popcaan says he is very excited about his very first performance in The Gambia on the African continent, in January of next year.

“My Gambian people are getting ready !! The Unruly Boss will be there with my full group LIVE on January 15, 2022 at Bakau Independence Stadium! Big up to Absolute Entertainment! More information coming soon! ” Popcaan had first written on a poster he had shared on his own, announcing the event.

“Yow Gambia, we are preparing the unruly state of Bomboclaat !!!! is going to be a movie, ”he added in another tweet regarding the event, which is being promoted by Absolute Entertainment.

For his fans in this West African country, the feeling is mutual, because in response to the announcement, Gambian fans said they would ensure the Numbers don’t lie The singer sees the Independence Stadium with a capacity of 40,000 crowded.

The excitement came from many male and female fans.

“Too many unruly Gwrls in The Gambia, any last one of your Gambian song can sing it in full. Unruly,” replied Nyanku Bojang.

Yaya Jabang literally transformed Popcaan’s “more than a movie commentary” by promising him an explosive welcome upon his arrival in January.

“More than a movie, Mr. Boss. Don’t be surprised or amazed that nothing of the Gambian people can cool the fire. You will see and know why we are called the smiling cast of Africa, ”he noted, while Saul Jallo added:“ Popcaan, I swear on everything I love in this world, Popcaan, you going to attend something that you will never expect to see in Gambia… As you say, it is already a movie…. The best of shows’.

Others, like Muhamed Manneh and jobajouba, said they looked forward to the arrival of the native of St. Thomas.

“We were waiting for this day,” Muhammed wrote, while kobajouba said: “Yow Poppy, we are ready to Fi uno man.

The excitement over Popcaan’s upcoming performance in the homeland didn’t stop with The Gambians, as Kenyans stepped up in numbers to beg him to come to their country as soon as possible.

The Kenyan who obtained the Up the singer’s attention was Kareokey1, who urged him to, “Come to the king of Kenya,” to which Popcaan replied, “Soon a Kenya will know unruly people there. “


Seeing that Popcaan had responded to their compatriot, the Kenyans flooded the post. Many of their comments were very witty or downright hilarious, with some stating that they would sell body organs to attend the concert.

“Me after selling my kidney to be at the popcaan event,” was sensei’s response, whose meme was later shared by Popcaan himself.

“I’m going to sell my kidney to see you play.” Unruly until the day I died, ”Travors wrote.

Another commentator, nduraayango1, promised that Kenyans would light their spliffs in honor of Popcaan on the day of his arrival in their country.

“Come on, we show you that weed is illegal, but on this day everyone is going to smoke # unruly4eva,” he wrote.

A woman, Llamak Shazzy, has also expressed romantic interest in the 33-year-old artist. “Ama be ya escort… Me very very unruly Andre Hugh… Check DM,” she wrote.

As comments grew, Kemboykennedy vowed that he and his compatriots would also ensure that the venue where Popcaan performs is filled to capacity.

“Unruly King, we’ll fill the stadium for you. Unruly Bossman Mad Sick, ”he wrote.

Lines from Popcaan’s songs were also featured in some of the entertaining comments, one of which was from Kenyan Kartel, who declared his love for Popcaan’s 2015 ganja anthem. Grass is my best friend.

“I love the song where you feel ……. ‘Mi nuh friend mi nuh people… Weed is my best friend’ I listen to it every day before going out to meet the bomb people,” he said. he writes.

He was followed by Coloco who designed for the Popcaan hit in 2012 To clean to indicate how it would appear when Popcaan arrived in Kenya.

“Ouaissss…. That day we’re going to clean up, clean up, cleeeaaan up, cleeeaaaaan up, ”he joked.

Mina Ndegwa was not left out. However, his joke took a different turn.

“If you come to (Kenya) my girlfriend will leave me for you… please don’t make a poppy,” he wrote.

Popcaan, who has been living in Ghana for several weeks, is due to return to Jamaica to appear in court on November 4 to face several trafficking charges slapped on him by St. Thomas police.

The other contemporary Jamaican artist, known to be highly regarded in The Gambia, is Sizzla Kalonji.

On his first visit to The Gambia in 2008, the President of The Gambia invited the Reggae / Dancehall superstar and his delegation to his Juramba farm in Kanilai, where the two spent the day, among other things, harvesting rice and discuss repatriation, reparations and education issues, according to media reports.

At the time, Sizzla had also expressed her desire to become an Honorary Citizen of The Gambia and pledged to be a Musical Ambassador of The Gambia and serve as a bridge between The Gambia and the Diaspora. He also called for the president to establish a Gambian embassy in Jamaica.

Sizzla Kalonji was also invited to be the guest of honor at the wedding of the Minister of Information and Communication, Honorable Fatim Badjie and received an award from the hands of the Major General of the Gambian Army at the an official meeting with Sizzla and her delegation.

Sizzla then released an album titled The Gambia in 2012, under his Kalonji Records imprint. This 12-track album included tracks such as Gambian Girls, Welcome to Africa, Visiting, Blackman Rise, Feeding the Children, Woman of Creation, Planet in Danger and where is the love.

In May 2014, Sizzla Kalonji was honored by the Gambian government when he performed at a series of events there and served as a cultural ambassador for the 11th edition of the Gambia Roots International Festival in Banjul.

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