Arknights CN: Announcement of a new operator – [Fiammetta] Talents, Skills, Art, GIF. | Wiki Knights Of The Zodiac

To note: These are first impressions and based on guesswork since we don’t know the exact details.

[Fiammetta] will be the second 6 star sniper [AoE / Artilleryman]the first being Limited Operator W. Where W’s kit is heavily augmented with Stuns, Fiametta has no utility or crowd control, and therefore focuses entirely on damage.

His talent gives Fiammetta the [Vigor] effect, which increases his ATK if his HP exceeds a given threshold. It looks like she will have two Vigor HP thresholds, with the higher HP threshold giving a higher ATK bonus. The twist with his talent is that his HP will constantly decrease over time (probably similar to Aak). While her HP can’t drop below 0 from talent alone (she can still die to enemy damage of course), that means she won’t be able to sustain her Stamina bonuses without a healer, and these bonuses are likely to be needed to keep his damage competitive at higher levels.

As for his skills, S1 will increase his ATK and attack range. Since AoE snipers already have a long attack range, this will give him an exceptionally long range. S2 seems to be best used when enemies approach her in a single lane, hitting all enemies in line with the initial shot, then hitting them again with a series of planted explosions. It looks like this skill would face head-to-head competition from other “straight single lane” skills, including everyone’s favorite Burninator. S3 changes its targeting to the farthest enemy in its range and increases its explosion area of ​​effect and damage. It has an infinite duration, which can be especially useful in story, annihilation, and built-in strategies modes.

Former AoE snipers haven’t been exceptionally strong in the meta. Fiammetta seems unlikely to change this trend, but that will depend on his exact numbers and damage potential in practice.

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