Belen hopeful after Judy Chicago’s new smoke sculpture performance


Now that the restrictions in New Mexico have been lifted, people have come a long way.

“I’ve been a fan of Judy my whole life, I mean I’m of her generation and she was one of the loudest voices of our time, especially for women,” said Barbara Bentree, a resident of Santa Fe.

Even though Chicago has a lot of fans, it hasn’t always been easy to get them to come here.

“I lived in Santa Fe and when we moved here we would invite people to come over, and they would go ‘south of the airport?’ I used to joke that it was easier to bring people here from China than from Santa Fe, ”Chicago said.

Two years ago, after renovating the Arts District, the people of Belen felt Chicago’s artwork was inappropriate.

“We weren’t greeted with open arms at first,” Chicago said.

This year’s event painted a different picture.

“Judy Chicago is an amazing artist, her smoke sculpture was phenomenal, we appreciate everything she does for Belen,” said Belen Mayor Jerah R. Cordova.

The performance helped the community recover from the recent flood disaster.

“It’s important as a city to be resilient, we’ve had tough times, but we need business, we need people to support our city and that’s part of it,” Cordova said.

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