Best Restaurant, Instagrammer, Artist / Illustrator, Photographer / Videographer, Green Initiative | Social Media Awards 2021

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived: the second batch of 2021 winners for the Dragonara Casino powered Lovin Social Media Awards has been revealed, with some of the country’s most beloved and talented personalities winning big.

With 100,000 votes from the public (essentially a fifth of the island’s population), we are proud to announce which social media supremos will win this year’s online awards.

In this list, we’re looking for some of the best, from awesome causes to touching stories, here are the winners for:

  • Best green initiative
  • Best Photographer / Videographer
  • Best Artist / Illustrator
  • Best restaurant
  • Best Instagrammer

1. Best Green Initiative – Wave Of Change

Sponsored by Malta Public Transport

Wave of Change is an awareness campaign that inspired Neil Agius’ impressive 52 hour swim across the Mediterranean. It seeks to raise awareness of the amount of plastic pollution dumped in the sea.

The story of Agius has made Maltese around the world proud to be Maltese, with the Diaspora raising their voices in support of man’s mission.

2. Best Videographer / Photographer – Darrin Zammit Lupi

Sponsored by iLab

Darrin Zammit Lupi is a laureate photographer who documented her daughter’s battle with illness and in this video. He is a beloved figure on the local scene with images regularly capturing the imagination of the nation.

3. Best Artist / Illustrator – Tina Mifsud

Sponsored by Manouche

Tina Mifsud is a promising artist who made waves towards the end of 2020 with her second solo exhibition, which highlighted topics related to self-image, life on and off social media, and dynamics. social surrounding perception. of body image.

4. Best restaurant – Hermanos

Sponsored by MPS

Hermanos burst onto the scene with his tasty creations and his account filled with food pornography, quickly becoming everyone’s go-to place for awesome burgers.

5. Best Instagrammer – Valentina Rossi

Sponsored by KFC

Does Valentina Rossi need to be introduced? The radio host and Instagram supremo is one of the country’s most beloved social media stars.

What do you think of this year’s winners? Stay tuned for the next batch of winners coming out tomorrow!

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Julian is the editor-in-chief of Lovin Malta with a special interest in politics, the environment, social issues and human interest stories.

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