Billie Eilish and Finneas share ‘Billie Bossa Nova’ acoustic performance

Billie Eilish shared a lovely acoustic version of her track “Happier Than Ever”, “Billie Bossa Nova”, which she performed live with her brother and creative partner Finneas O’Connell.

Directed by Philip Andelman as part of a promotional campaign for Gucci, the warm, sepia-tinted lighting and dapper aesthetic of the video match the song perfectly. O’Connell performs her melody with sweet, flamenco noodles, while Eilish approaches the voice with a more relaxed calm than what we’re used to seeing from her.

Take a look at the performances below:

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that work on Eilish’s third album was officially underway, with O’Connell saying the couple were “really excited to start working” on their next batch of songs. When asked how far they got in the creation process, O’Connell said they had “interesting skeletons” for the songs written, but were “not sure which animals. they were “.

“Happier Than Ever” landed in July. In addition to its title track, the album was supported by the singles “My Future”, “Therefore I Am”, “Your Power”, “Lost Cause”, “NDA” and “Male Fantasy”.

NME gave the album a five-star review, saying it “fully establishes Billie Eilish as one of the most important pop artists of her generation – and, better yet, does so without repeating a single round of the first that has turned his life upside down “.

Eilish and O’Connell will take “Happier Than Ever” – which just won a Grammy nomination for Album of the Year – on the road throughout 2022. They will perform shows across North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, with six shows scheduled for London’s O2.

Elsewhere, Eilish revealed last week that she was diagnosed with COVID-19 earlier in 2021; the artist told Howard Stern that if she hadn’t been vaccinated she “would have died.” She also discussed her exposure to pornography when she was young, claiming that she “had destroyed [her] brain”.

In Lighter News, Eilish recently appeared in an episode of Saturday Night Live, serving as both musical guest and host. She performed “Male Fantasy” and the title song of “Happier Than Ever”, and participated in a multitude of skits.

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