Council approves new contracts for city manager and city lawyer – Morgan Hill Times


Morgan Hill City Council this week unanimously approved new employment contracts with City Manager Christina Turner and City Attorney Don Larkin.

The new contracts waive previously agreed cost-of-living wage increases for 2020-2021 and reduce interest rates on home loans owed by Turner and Larkin to the city. The new agreements also change Turner and Larkin’s deferred pay rates by a fixed percentage at the federal limit and suspend a cap on vacation accrual.

The new deals, which were approved at the August 5 online council meeting, do not include a pay hike for the two highest paid city hall employees, but will cost the city around $ 26. $ 000. City Council Member Larry Carr said the “vast majority” of that cost came from lower interest rates on existing home loans for Turner and Larkin.

Turner’s salary for 2020-2021 is approximately $ 246,371, according to the contract approved Aug. 5. Larkin’s salary is approximately $ 244,940.

The interest rates for the two loans are 0.94% in the new contracts. The rate is based on the 10-year Treasury rate of 0.69 July 1, plus 0.25%, the contract says.

The board approved home loans of up to $ 1.3 million for Turner and Larkin shortly after they were hired in their current positions. Turner has been Morgan Hill City Manager since 2017 and Larkin has served as a City Attorney since 2016.

In Morgan Hill, the city manager and the city attorney are the only two town hall employees hired directly by the five elected council members.

The approval of their “second employment contract” on August 5 follows favorable performance reviews by the council, said Mayor Rich Constantine.

“The work of our City Manager and City Lawyer has been exemplary,” Constantine said. “I am grateful every day that we have two firm hands at the helm… during this truly horrible time.”

Turner, Larkin and other City Hall senior staff agreed earlier this year to forgo annual cost-of-living wage increases due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its financial impact .

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