Cubitts new collection celebrates unique features

Cubitts has launched three new frame collections designed to support unique facial features as part of a goal to make the eyewear industry more inclusive.

The collection of 10 new frames was crafted using a pool of data generated through Cubitts’ in-store scanning app.

Unveiled last year, the scanning technology creates a 3D model of faces using 18 face measurements.

Illustrator David Bailey designed new window artwork to support the launch

Cubitts undertook facial analysis of over 4,000 participants to better understand the “quirks and eccentricities that make us different”, with this data then used to train the new eyewear designs.

The new collection includes narrow bridge frames, low peak frames, and four combo frames with custom nose pads for added comfort and support.

The company shared that the new range is part of its commitment to making the eyewear industry more inclusive.

Tom Broughton, Founder of Cubitts, said: “For too long the eyewear industry has been designed around what’s easiest for the industry and not what’s right for the wearer.

“Nowhere is this clearer than with sizing. The human head is a remarkable feat of engineering; each beautiful and unique,” ​​Broughton added. “Despite this, most frames only exist in one size only.But one size does not fit anyone.

“Our campaign celebrates the heterogeneity of the human head. A range of spectacle frames for all faces – sizes, shapes and souls,” he concluded.

To launch the collection, Cubitts made a documentary film, Gloriously goofyin partnership with visual production agency Park Village, to celebrate the nuances that “make each of us unique”.

Watch: Cubitts Documentary Film Gloriously Awkward

Cubitts celebrates unique facial structures in new campaign

Cubitts also partnered with illustrator David Bailey, who created a series of illustrations to support the campaign.

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