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We searched the web and asked our readers to help us find the best jobs in Pittsburgh this week. If your business or business employs you, or if you find an interesting job that you think is worth highlighting next week, email it to: [email protected] ..

Non-profit organisation

Operation manager. Pittsburgh Nonprofit Law Firm and Community Organization Project The Slavery Abolitionist Law Center, which works to protect imprisoned people and abolitionists from slavery, is dedicated to managing the accounts, wages, records, office management, etc. I am recruiting a management manager. Applicants should have experience with Quickbooks, the use of Microsoft Excel, and payment processing. Experience in the defense of justice and human rights is desirable. The position has a 6 month qualifying period, starting at $ 50,000 per year. Click here for more information

Administrative assistant. Political non-profit organization Democratic Partner of Allegheny County Is seeking a Management Assistant to help accomplish the mission of a group dedicated to “Building, Revitalizing and Equip the Allegheny County Democratic Party”. Positions include creating zoom links, facilitating communication, providing meeting reminders, maintaining records, and more. Click here for more information
Outreach coordinator. Housed in The Greater Pittsburgh JCC is funded in part by the Victims of Crime Department Pittsburgh Resilience Center, 10.27 Healing partnershipIs the central coordinator of the community response to the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting, “cultivating the well-being of the community by providing opportunities for reflection, support and connection to those affected and their loved ones.” This is our mission. Others who experience trauma from attacks and hatred. “The Outreach Coordinator position shares program work via social media and develops and implements public relations strategies. This position also represents the 10.27 Healing Partnership at community events and occasionally serves as a hostess. Applicants should have some knowledge of trauma care and be good in a team environment. Multilingual skills are desirable. Click here for more information

Art and entertainment

Marketing and sales coordinator. Artistic group Pittsburgh Arts and ConferenceIntroducing approximately 40 literary programs throughout the year employs marketing and sales coordinators. The positions are responsible for managing digital marketing campaigns, maintaining websites, managing social media, writing and editing, ticketing, etc. Applicants should have a thorough understanding of computer technology and good communication skills working on customer service. The salary is $ 32,000 to $ 35,000. Click here for more details

Illustrator. Pittsburgh-based language learning technology company Duolingo Illustrators have the opportunity to work closely with the product, marketing, and content teams. This position envisions and composes character and scene illustrations, enhances existing characters, and creates illustrations for social media and marketing campaigns. Candidates must have the ability to explain in Sketch or Figma. Experience as a technology, agency or publisher. Proven work that depicts animated illustrations. Click here for more information

Outreach coordinator.
Glass workshop and art gallery Pittsburgh Glass Center Is looking for a full time Outreach and Accessibility Coordinator to oversee tours, private workshops, facility rentals, and provide marketing and program support. The position is responsible for working with over 70 independent contract instructors, managing and coordinating the activities of administrative assistants. Applicants must be proactive, willful, reliable and able to multitask. The salary range is $ 31,000 to $ 35,000. Click for more information

Eat and drink

Customer service. Handmade donut shop that doesn’t use eggs or dairy Valkyrie donuts Is looking for several customer service positions, as well as finishing and sales offers. The store is currently operating on a mobile food trailer, but is working on opening a permanent storefront in Bellevue. Click here for more information
Team member.
Downtown Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company On Twitter, we announced that the Liberty Avenue Store is currently recruiting several team members to fill the morning and evening shifts. Click here for more information

supervisor. “Fine fast casual” restaurant chain Italian street food Piada I am currently recruiting a supervisor who oversees the restaurant and leads the team members. Previous restaurant supervision experience and knowledge of cooking standards and cooking standards is desirable. Click here for more details
server. Popular restaurant in the market square Original oyster house I am looking for a full time waiter. All staff are mutually trained in all aspects of the restaurant. Lamp authentication is recommended, but not required. Click here for more details

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Currently Hiring: Illustrator, Outreach Coordinator & Other Jobs in Pittsburgh This Week | News | Pittsburgh

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