Dallas in pop culture: Luka and Dirk take on Jerry World and Marc Rebillet spills his Whataburger order


Just Two Dallas Mavericks vibrate at AT&T Stadium. Luka Doncic and Dirk Nowitzki spent a guys day at Jerry World. The two basketball superstars were captured on one of AT&T stadium’s massive televisions during Sunday’s game against the New York Giants. Meanwhile, the people of Dallas are anxiously waiting for Jerry Jones to release limited edition Doncic and Nowitzki Cowboys jerseys. (Just kidding, but Halloween is coming, so Jerry calls me to negotiate a limited edition for the dress up holiday).

Speaking of Halloween! Did you all see Keenan Thompson’s impression on Ezekiel Elliott on Saturday Night Live last week? The comedian posed as the running back as the boyfriend of “Jourtney” (played by Cecily Strong), the fictional sister of Princess Jasmine (Kim Kardashian) and Aladdin (Pete Davidson). Thompson’s Elliot plays Davidson’s Aladdin comedy film, which resulted in him throwing “Lil Al” a signed ball before soaring onto a magic carpet. Who knew Lorne Michaels was watching the boys? Can we hope for a Jerry’s World x Saturday Night Live crossover in the future?

“The sweet and spicy barbecue burger. It’s like a thick double pancake. It is [redacted] repugnant. You will regret it, but it is extraordinary.exclaims Marc Rebillet, electronic musician from Dallas, one of the many musicians in the state interviewed by Texas monthly to Austin City Limits about their order from Whataburger. On your next visit, order the Loop Daddy Meal.

Rappers love Dallas. Three years ago J. Cole rapped, “Shout Oak Cliff, I’m about to fly to Dallas / Decade from now, I might just buy the Mavericks / What’s up Mark Cuban” on the freestyle “Album Of The Year”. That same year, the Grammy-winning rapper donated to the nonprofit For Oak Cliff and has since continued the relationship. Prior to Monday night’s concert, For Oak Cliff donated merchandise to J. Cole and Dreamville Records, his record company. In good faith, the rapper provided lodges at For Oak Cliff at the American Airlines Center for his off-season tour.

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