Dan + Shay make an “extra special” fan proposal with a song

With love ballads like “From the Ground Up” and “Speechless” making up a large part of their discography, Dan + Shay are used to fans using their songs to celebrate weddings, birthdays and engagements. But recently the duo gave a happy couple a very special surprise: they stopped by a proposal to perform an acoustic version of “You”.

Band Members Shay Mooney and Dan Smyers captured the moment on social media, turning on the cameras as they walked down the halls of a venue to perform in front of a fan and his future bride.

“We got a super sweet message from one of our fans named Erin. She wanted to propose at our gig,” says Smyers. “So we decided to do something a little more special, what do you say, Shay?”

“That’s right. We’re going to sing our song, and I’ve never been so nervous for anything in my life,” Mooney replies, laughing.

The couple then transformed into a backstage room in the hall where their fan Erin and his girlfriend were waiting. Upon entering, Dan + Shay began performing a stripped-down version of their song, “You”, with Mooney in the lead while Smyers played acoustic guitar.

“You” leaves the duo’s track list Good things album, which was released in August 2021. The third track on the project is the latest in a long line of romantic ballads by Dan + Shay, and Smyers co-wrote the song with songwriters Dave Barnes and Jordan Reynolds.

Good things features singles “I should probably go to bed”, “10,000 hours” and more. Dan + Shay are currently on the road for their The (Arena) tour, many of the stops of which are make-up dates from shows that had been scrapped during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Country Albums of 2021 – Critics’ Choice

There were plenty of creative country albums in 2021, but not all of them hit the mark. Artists are playing more than ever with distribution methods and packaging as much as they are new sounds, so you get double and triple albums, Part 1 and Part 2, and digital EPs instead of a traditional 10 release. or 11 songs.

The bar for an EP on this list of top country albums of 2021 is higher than an LP, but one project managed to reach the Top 10. Too much music has proven to dampen the efforts of other artists, although the Alan Jackson’s debut album in years was filled with country music that we couldn’t shy away from. Where did you go has 21 songs, but somehow no filler.

More than ever, it depended on the opinion of the staff and artistic merit to allow a certain parity between the artists of the big labels and the independents. The 10 albums listed below are unranked, although the year-end list released in the fall will crown a truly best album of 2021.

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