Dancing Astronaut presents its EDC Las Vegas All-Stars 2021


From October 22 to 24, Insomniac’s flagship festival, the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, will celebrate its 25th anniversary under the electric sky with more than 200 of the best of the electronic genre, spread over eight different stages. A paragon of genre fluidity, EDC Las Vegas’ 2021 lineup pairs industry veterans with some of the newcomers to the scene for a diverse roster of talent that offers sounds for all palates. Ahead of the milestone weekend, which will mark the return of the Pasquale Rotella-led event to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Dancing astronaut presents its EDC Las Vegas All-Stars 2021.

The cast of Dancing astronaut EDC Las Vegas All-Stars summarizes acts that were recognized in 2020 as part of our year-end content series, such as Moore Kismet, who was named our 2020 Breakout Artist of the Year. The list also includes those named in our Artists to Watch in 2021 series who, true to our call for curators at the end of December 2020, have proven their right to this recognition by securing places in the 2021 festival lineup. Artists who won others Dancing astronaut accolades, like April Supernova HALIENE, are also included.

Dancing astronaut EDC Las Vegas All-Stars is meant to shine a light on some of the artists we’ve championed through concept-driven feature series produced over the past year. See them below.

Catch it: October 22

At the end of 2020, Dancing astronautRoss Goldenberg’s social media editor added Bleu Clair to our list of 25 artists to watch in 2021. At the time, the Indonesian producer had released two releases on Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS (“Need youAnd ‘Make You Mine’, alongside Garrix’s alter-ego, Ytram). He’s also secured placements on Monstercat and Insomniac Records, and those first looks at some reputable industry devices were enough to earn him consideration for the 2021 collection of future electronic performers. Add to that the avant-garde mention of Clair Bleu’s four-per-floor guided house mastery, and just like that, all signs pointed to her subsequent success in the dance circuit.

It’s a choice that has aged well, to say the least. His February return to STMPD alongside OOTORO, “Beat Like This”, has been a must-see, surfacing in sets released and in person by other artists since its release. In 2021, he returns to Insomniac Records (see “Amani” with Jargen, “Have Me All” with Jelita, and his remix of “Gotta Be” by Habstrakt); became known to Tiësto’s Musical Freedom, thanks to “Green Light”; collaborated with Matroda (cc “Disco Tool”), landed on Box of Cats with “Gold”; and even returned to Monstercat, “The Tempo” in tow.

In short, it’s been a whirlwind of a year for a then-up-and-coming star artist, who we spotted by chance before that glow was as immediately apparent as it is now. For home chefs, Light Blue is a staple of the EDC Las Vegas Anniversary Edition, and ticket holders can see it on October 22.

Catch it: October 22 + October 24

From his “my life is a bender” themed antics to his tech head-turner, John Summit has been an enduring facet of the electronic world ever since “Deep End” sent him head first to the stage in June. 2020. Dancing astronautNatalie Pereira, head of partnerships at, recognized him as a promising prospect late last year, and he did more than just prove he deserved such a designation.

Summit sell-out venues across the country in 2021, while rubbing shoulders with renowned artists such as Vintage Culture and Sofi Tukker. With eight productions to its credit this year to date, including the hugely popular “Make Me Feel”, and an endless stock of credentials posted on its social platforms, Summit has earned its status as a name we just can’t seem to. . stop seeing this year.

In a nod to his white stranglehold on the dance space and the general clamor for a live Summit set, he landed not one but two slots at EDC Las Vegas. Attendees can see him work his magic without fucking on October 22-24, and as Dancing astronaut already predicted, they will certainly be the highlights of Memorial Weekend.

Catch it on: October 24

In the 2020 final, Dancing astronaut Personal writer Sami Weisband proclaimed Qrion – born Momiji Tsukada – a household dignitary on the verge of rising to the top of the highest echelon of house music. Qrion consistently worked to reach her climax over the next nine months, and it’s obvious she deserves a place there.

About a year ago, Qrion was touring Moving Castle, Mad Decent, and Anjunadeep while gaining support from TOKiMONSTA. These are all positive omens that served as preludes to further sonic achievements for the producer, who announced her upcoming debut LP, I hope it will last forever, in mid-September. But as for the summary of its activity in 2021, that’s just a scratch on the surface. Qrion Star of the Year alongside Spencer Brown in “Rainy April”, Grace LNOE Presentation Vol. 1, released several remixes, and more recently, an original called “Your Love”.

Cumulatively, these engagements call attention to Qrion’s range of musical possibilities while proving what we have known to be true for some time: it cannot be cataloged. Another truth? His performance at EDC Las Vegas should be high on ticket holders’ priority lists.

Catch it on: October 22

In January 2021, Dancing astronaut unveiled Supernovas, a recurring feature dedicated to singers in the dance space who, with their own idiosyncratic vocal signatures and unique lyrical perspectives, have played a central role in the creation of electronic recordings. In April, we featured a singer-songwriter who did just that: HALIENE.

2021 has been a year of significant progress for HALIENE, who recently took to the stage at the Seven Lions’ Chronicles III festival (at the Gorge Amphitheater) solo to show off her chops. On October 22, she will perform singularly on the big stage of EDC Las Vegas. That HALIENE has claimed individual performances by the end of the year is testament to his talent. After all, it’s rare for a singer-songwriter to gain so much time on stage, given that the niches are overwhelmingly occupied by DJs. The appearance represents an invaluable opportunity not only to see the artist “Oceans & Galaxies” and “Anywhere” live, but also to witness a paradigm shift regarding the presence of a singer-songwriter in the electronics industry / dance. Dancing astronaut will be there – and you should too.

See you on: October 22

November 30, 2020 Dancing astronaut crowned Moore Kismet as its 2020 Artist of the Year. The Taste Maker, a 15-year-old with raw talent and focused to apply it, was a force to be reckoned with in 2020 and the time that followed, the strength of that force grew with fury. In less than a year, Kismet has gone from stellar performances at Insomniac’s BackHARD Summer BBQ Virtual Rave-A-Thon and Night Mode Livestream to top stages at some of the most prestigious festivals around. Now 16, Kismet made history on episode 2021 of Lollapalooza, becoming the youngest artist to play the event. The stage will be performed again at EDC Las Vegas.

Between harvesting in 2021 what they sowed in 2020 at the end of live performances, Kismet continues to redefine bass music while racking up career milestones. For example, in February, Kismet announced a new recording deal with Thrive Music, which will distribute their upcoming debut album. Kismet has never been so ready for prime time or, synonymously, one of the most high-profile electronic festivals a producer could hope to play, and what will be seen when Kismet takes the stage at the ‘EDC Las Vegas will be nothing short of spectacular coming October 22.

Catch it: October 22

When the future-house father bequeathed Year zero on October 23, 2020, we didn’t need divine intervention to recognize it as one of the most beautiful extended projects of the year, so much so, in fact, that it took the honors of the ‘Album of the Year 2020. The LP, which subsequently received a companion remix album in June, descended on streaming platforms at a time when dance floors remained vacant, and although music fans across the country have since returned, a multitude of streamers still have not seen Year zero in its unwieldy living form. Tchami was the first set that the author of this feature film attended once the live programming resumed, and Rachel Narozniak can attest that the stint of the Confession label manager at EDC Las Vegas should take precedence over the attendees’ schedules, regardless of conflicts that may arise when leaving to set schedules. To see Tchami advance Year zeroThe songlists of, among the proven catalog must-haves that led him to his prominent position today, show the producer wearing a priest’s collar to be the most adept. Don’t miss it.

Catch them from: October 22-24

Even if Year zero won the crown of album of the year 2020, it wasn’t the only LP to win Dancing astronautpraise from last year. Industry Companions Lane 8 (# 2, Brightest lights), Quéthan (# 5, Fancy), Kygo (# 6, Golden hour), Louis l’Enfant (# 7, Candy II [Beat Tape]), and JOYRYDE (# 12, COURAGEOUS) topped our list of the 20 Best Electronic Albums of 2020 and can be viewed each at the respective EDC Las Vegas time slots.

Whethan and Louis The Child will perform (separately) on October 23. Lane 8, Kygo and JOYRYDE will appear on October 24.

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