Dolmen dance event looks at life experiences



A SPECIAL dance presentation took place last week in Orchard Peace Park at the Presentation Arts Center, Enniscorthy.

his piece, ‘Dolmen’, was based on examining what we wear and what we remember on the journey of life.

The performance was choreographed by County Wexford Dance Artist-in-Residence Vivian Brodie-Hayes with support from the Arts Council and the local authority’s Arts Department.

While Vivian is working with the National Opera House for 2021-2022, the performance at Enniscorthy represented the first of her residency events and she took great pleasure in presenting “Dolmen” on location.

The dance routine was set to an original composition by renowned Wexford-based composer Liam Bates.

In addition to Vivian, the dancers involved in last week’s performance included Caroline Lawless and Sorcha O’Connor.

Everyone involved in the performance were top performers and collaborators, including the Musici Ireland String Trio: David O’Doherty; Beth McNinch and Siobhan Lynch, who gave an exemplary performance with the park providing the perfect backdrop.

The dramaturgy of the performances was developed by Lou Cope, who heads the Center for Applied Dramaturgy, while the performance was produced by Gwen Van Spÿk.

Vivian is a dance artist with a Masters in Contemporary Dance Performance and she is also a certified yoga and pilates teacher who works with the Wexford Mental Health Association.

Best described as a socially engaged community artist, she enjoys collaborating and interacting with other artists and has stated that her own creative practice is rooted in a life of study and love of movement.

One of its goals is to make the arts and dance more accessible to those who do not have equal access to creative opportunities.

Well known in the town of Wexford where she runs the Dance Hub Wexford studio, she is also the artistic director of the Spring Moves Dance Festival which is organized each year in partnership with the National Opera House.

“Dolmen” premiered over two days and it was the first public screenings of the play and it is expected that the work will develop further over the next few months with plans to perform it at the National Opera House and in Dublin, in November.

A film is also to be shot in unique locations in County Wexford.

Vivian was very excited to work with composer Liam Bates on the project and said that one of the goals of the residency was to establish a new dance and music partnership in Wexford and “Dolmen” is the start. of a creative relationship between her and Liam.

As for the residency, which will run until 2022, Vivian hopes it brings more dance to Wexford to support and showcase the vibrant dance work already established in the county.

The Orchard Peace Park was the perfect location for the performance as in addition to being a tranquil setting for such a play, it also allowed the audience to witness top-notch artistic performances in the open air.

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