Ed Sheeran reveals why his baby girl cries when he sings


Ed Sheeran recently caught up with PopCrush Nights host Nicole Murray for a conversation on Zoom, where the couple discussed parenting and worked on new music.

Speaking about fatherhood and being a first-time parent (Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn welcomed their daughter in late 2020), the singer admitted that “no one really knows what they do. You learn how to parent every day. “.

“It’s not like you suddenly become a parent and instantly know what to do. It’s a gradual process,” he explained.

And although it has been reported that Sheeran’s baby girl cries when he sings for her, the reason why it might surprise you: “She doesn’t really cry at my music,” he admitted with a laugh. “We had a few occasions where I sang to her in the kitchen while we were cooking dinner for her or whatever and sometimes when I sang too loud she would cry.”

As for how Sheeran decided it was time to end his musical hiatus, the superstar explained that he was initially due back last year until his wife found out she was pregnant. Naturally, he wanted to be present for the birth of his first child. Now that their daughter is growing up and settling in, and COVID-19 restrictions are easing, it was finally the perfect time to return.

“My whole career is so focused on live [so] releasing an album and not playing it live would be, I think, a mistake. It kind of just fell into place at the right time, ”Sheeran added.

As for the new music? Although an album won’t be released this summer, Sheeran says he hopes to announce another song in September. He also promises that the single “Bad Habits” is a “curved ball” when it comes to production, and that the rest of the album retains its signature sound.

Check out the full PopCrush Nights video interview with Ed Sheeran, below:

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