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Eliza Rose pays homage to Hackney’s queer nightlife scene in new music video for her track ‘BOTA (Baddest Of Them All)’.

Collaborate with a queer art collective Fabou TVEliza shines a light on the vibrant community that exists in East London, a community that defies modernization and gentrification.

“BOTA” is a peppy yet suave 4×4 track with witty lyricism paired with a seductive vocals and lyrics that linger with you. It was released yesterday (June 15) the same day as the music video.

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The video blends sexuality, gender, fun, fantasy, quirkiness and comedy, as well as an unconscious and daring homage to a famous Lewis Caroll novel.

Filmed on the streets of Hackney, the video takes viewers to high-profile locations including Dalston Superstore and The Karaoke Hole.

Eliza Rose is the main character of this all-star video cast, who are driven underground into an alternate world by performer and dancer Novaya Shey to meet drag icon Ms. Sharon Le Grand, Vogue Ball founder Taboo, the speaker, model and dancer Sakeema Peng Crook, Drag & Movement artist Wet Mess.

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The video was made with Eliza’s longtime friend and co-founder of Faboo TV, Jeanie Crystal – both have seen various stages of gentrification attempt to take over Hackney throughout their years of involvement in the scene.

Speaking of Hackney, Eliza Rose says, “This community in Hackney means so much to me, and working together is what has given me purpose, community, joy and so much art. It’s hard for black women working class and marginalized people to break through, so we need to support each other in each other’s art and uplift each other, otherwise it becomes impossible.

“Showing these worlds on screen is also an integral part of developing open-mindedness and showing young people that there are different ways of living here!” »

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Adding to that, Jeanie Crystal says: “The scene of Eliza descending into the basement sums up what Hackney is all about. It’s a rabbit hole! You discover a new club in the basement and get drawn into it, and it opens a new world and community to you and you never look back.

“As soon as I got to Hackney, I met Eliza, I met all these amazing performance artists, and now I can’t get out of it, and I don’t want to get out of it! joy gives identity, and for me personally, it gives me so much of my art.

“I don’t really exist without Eliza or any of the other people in this video. We centered it in a Queer world as a tribute to that side of Hackney nightlife, and it was really important to be an authentic representation and accurate, and a real lived experience for everyone involved.

You can watch the vibrant and surreal video below.

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