Erica Felicella to perform Endurance Piece “Journey” this weekend at Main Street Garden


Performance artist Erica Felicella will share her new endurance piece, “Journey,” this Saturday at Main Street Garden Park.

Felicella created “Journey” as an invitation for others to join her in a physical representation of the journey we all take in life and the weight that comes with it. Its aim is to show that the journey and the burdens that humans experience are shared.

To represent this, Felicella will walk a loop around Main Street Garden Park, signaling the passage of time. She will wear a yoke specially designed for this performance.

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“I guess I’m on a rock trip,” says artist Erica Felicella.

Christian Vasquez

“It’s a beautiful yoke,” said Felicella. “I wanted something that represented hard work, something that was a known device to do the job.”

As she makes her way through the park, guests will be able to add or remove stones from the yoke, adding or removing from her burden.

She chose the stones as a representation of the burdens of life because of their connection to the essential elements of the earth. “They are powerful and symbolic for life,” says Felicella.

“People can literally add to the trip however they want,” says Felicella. “There are many ways to interact with the room. They can add weight to it. If they choose to lighten the burden, that is also their choice.

“There will also be some extra, fun treats that people will have to take out to see,” says Felicella.

Felicella’s art centers around mental health and the weight of humanity, with her recent performances focusing on what the world has been through in the past two years.

Click to enlarge Erica Felicella and her creation 2020  "Resistance, Re-Live and Proceed." - CHRISTIAN VASQUEZ

Erica Felicella and her creation 2020 “Resistance, Re-Live and Proceed”.

Christian Vasquez

In December 2020, Felicella performed a piece called “Resistance, Re-Live and Proceed”, in which she lay on a bed of stones for 10.5 hours from sunrise to sunset and guests could leave their stones with her, their burdens, their experiences of 2020.

“I guess I’m on a rock trip,” jokes Felicella.

During Saturday’s performance, guests will have plenty of resources to learn more about the endurance piece. There will be a QR code that people can log into. Docents will be available for questions. There will also be an information table.

“I like living the museum experience outside,” says Felicella.

“Journey” began as a conversation several years ago, with Felicella asking if there was a way to make a collective, unified statement that represents everyone.

“Travel” is his answer.

“Basically, this work is for the people,” says Felicella.

“Journey” will be played from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 13 at Main Street Garden Park, 1902 Main St., in partnership with Downtown Dallas, Inc.

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