Everything Heidi Klum recently revealed about her marriage to Seal


Much of Heidi Klum’s time with Seal was a struggle, which left her completely unsatisfied and ultimately led to divorce.

Model and famous Victoria’s Secret angel Heidi Klum is now happily married to Tom Kaulitz, musician and producer of German rock band Tokio Hotel, but she really struggled with love before she reached this incredible point of happiness.

Klum recently opened up about her marriage to musician Seal, revealing that much of her time spent with him was a struggle, which left her completely unsatisfied and ultimately led to divorce. The two were all about their marriage and from the outside it actually seemed to fans that they were quite happy together. However, Heidi Klum just made explosive revelations about what really happened behind closed doors. Here’s what she has to say about her marriage to Seal …

8 They renewed their vows every year

Heidi Klum and Seal had a very unique tradition which was actually an effort to keep them bonded and happy with each other. Every year, on their wedding anniversary, they would have a vow renewal party. In real celebrity fashion, this was a big task and basically went like a mini-wedding, with all the frills. Renewing their vows in front of their friends and family every year was an integral part of their marriage tradition. Klum tells Us weekly; “I think I got married eight times to Seal, I thought it would be pretty fun. I thought it would be a feast of love. “

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7 She felt very lonely

Despite all the celebrations with a room full of loved ones, when it came to their daily wedding, Heidi Klum felt very lonely. Winston Salem’s Diary reveals that Seal would travel a lot on business, and Heidi was continually left alone. She knew he had to travel for his career, but definitely felt that his trips away from home were excessive and that there were other ways to coordinate his trips that could have been easier for the family. On the contrary, she was alone and very isolated, with the responsibility of the children on her hands.

6 She did her best to make the marriage work

When Heidi realized things weren’t working out, she went out of her way to try and get her marriage to Seal back on track. She said the annual vow renewal was one of the many ways she tried to exploit her marriage, and she continually voiced her concerns to Seal in an effort to put it on the same page. Klum reveals that Seal was not interested in investing time with the family and was away more than he was present. she indicates she kept trying to make it work and quietly rests knowing how much effort she put into keeping her marriage intact. Unfortunately, it was one-sided.

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5 Seal adopted Heidi’s eldest daughter

Many fans were shocked to find that when Seal first met Heidi Klum, she was already pregnant with another relationship. They continued to date throughout her pregnancy and eventually her daughter, Leni was born. Back then, Seal was dedicated to being a father figure to Leni, and he legally and officially adopted her when she was five. Leni met her biological father, but was raised by Seal, and he is her legal guardian, alongside Klum.

4 He had a volatile temper

Fans were stunned to learn that Seal had an unstable temper and often lost control. Even more amazing was the fact that he did it in front of the children. Heidi Klum revealed that Seal struggles with anger and depression and often creates situations of extreme tension and rage within their home.

She did her best to make it work and get him to get the help he needed, but at one point she realized it was too toxic for her kids to witness, and she filed for divorce. Klum said his anger was “scary” at times.

3 Heidi was afraid to leave the children with him

Due to Seal’s unpredictable and unstable nature, Heidi Klum says she was afraid to leave their children alone with Seal. She expressed fear for the safety and general well-being of the children and felt devastated that she could not trust him to be alone with them. His anger was so unpredictable and inappropriate for children, and Klum remembers being afraid to leave their children unsupervised with him.

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2 Seal had a party lifestyle

As Heidi Klum looked after the children and continued to pursue her own career, she also had to endure the residual effects of Seal’s lifestyle, which she said was very difficult to tolerate. Klum said Seal would party a lot, and party, and that his lifestyle was by no means aligned with a family mentality. He was away until all hours of the night and came back quite often in a “bad state”, which had a significant effect on the whole family. It was such a frequent occurrence that Heidi Klum could no longer tolerate it.

1 She filled the role of daddy for him

When Klum describes the role of Seal at home, it becomes very clear to fans that he has left the burden of responsibility on his shoulders. She describes herself as being both the “mom and dad” to their children and says he has had very little interaction with their children. Klum was so often alone that she got used to putting herself in her shoes and assuming her role, until she finally realized that she wanted to pursue a different way of life and end their marriage.

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