Experience 12 hours of “endurance” art at Pi Bar this Saturday


Earlier this month, an eclectic group of musicians, dancers, ritual leaders and installation artists descended on Aotu Space for a six-hour endurance performance that plunged the venue’s White Cube into an ethereal wonderland of sensory bliss. The event, dubbed Un-Full-Ish Moon, was hosted by a multimedia syndicate known only as “Cohort” and followed a five-hour performance that took place at the Capsule Image Lab in Wudaoying in April. . From now on, the group redoubles its efforts, but also ambitions, and launches an endurance performance of 12 hours at Pi Bar this Saturday, October 30, under the Savage Moon banner.

Presented as a show that “frees neurotic forces from repressed corners” by inviting the audience to “enter the liminal … [m]between dream and awakening, life and death, a psychic purgatory ”, Savage Moon will feature a diverse lineup of characters, including designer Felipe Esparza, dancer Nono, self-proclaimed exorcist INKO, wind and percussionist Hua Jia, QWERTY filmmaker, poets Alexis Murakami and James Holt, DJ Fluxware, cosmic musician Eryang, trance inducer and multi-instrumentalist Justin Howell, and multimedia producer Daniel Finn, all together weaving an unprecedented tapestry of conjuration and creation between 6 a.m. and midnight.

So what could possibly get someone to voluntarily take on the arduous task of playing for almost 12 hours? Well, according to Joshua Kinney, “Cohort” member and performance artist, “the importance of the duration of this 12-hour show is to initiate six hours of” still motion “followed by six hours of” stillness in motion. ” .

Kinney says, “As a half-animal character, I like to be calm. That is, prolonged periods of hibernation reproducing the absence of movement or the cat waiting to pounce. On October 6, the day after our last “Cohort” endurance art exhibition at Aotu Space, I got to dance. Dancing is something I love a lot, but this time it was more intense. So I got into this idea of ​​being intermittently. To have outward stillness but inward movement while crouching contemplatively in a barrel juxtaposed by outward movement and inner stillness while trance in a club.

It is a process that will clearly blur the lines between chaos and order, madness and meditation. One that demands a determined discipline and commitment on the part of the performer and the audience. When asked how he mentally prepares for something like this, Kinney modestly replies, “Does a magician reveal his tricks?

Savage Moon by “Cohort” will take place from 6 am to midnight at Pi Bar on October 30th. Presale tickets can be purchased for 60 RMB by scanning the QR code on the poster above, or for 80 RMB at the door. For more information, click here.

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Images courtesy of “Cohort” and Joshua Kinney

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