Gotham’s Forgotten Vigilante chases Harley Quinn


Mother Panic is Gotham City’s forgotten vigilante, and now in Future State: Gotham # 4, she returns in a new form, hunting Harley Quinn.

Spoilers ahead for Future State: Gotham # 4!

Mother panics, Gotham City’s forgotten vigilante has just made his triumphant return and is hunting Harley quinn. In Future state: Gotham # 4, on sale now in print and digital, a new Mother Panic, called Hunter Panic, has arrived in Gotham and is determined to take down Harley Quinn and Punchline.

The original Mother Panic was created by writer Gerard Way and illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards for Way’s Young animal to print; Writer Jody Houser was asked to write the character’s monthly adventures and fleshed out Mother Panic. The original Mother Panic was Violet Paige, a rebellious young debutante who hid a dark secret: As a young girl, she killed her father and made it look like an accident. When her mother was interned in a mental hospital, she was sent to a special boarding school, where she was experimented, received cybernetic implants, and was trained to be a killer. She broke free and after killing the school principal, she returned to Gotham City and embarked on a career as Mother Panic. His solo book was short lived and the character has since slipped into obscurity, but now a new version has arrived, ready to take down two of Gotham’s most wanted. The book is written by Dennis Culver, with illustrations by Nikola Cizmesija and letters by Troy Peteri.

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Readers encounter the new Mother Panic in the first pages of the book and quickly learn that it is not the original Mother Panic. Her name is Jodi Edwards and she found the old Mother Panic costume. Jodi is a bounty hunter and seeks to recover Punchline’s. Putting on the costume and calling herself “Hunter Panic”, she sets out to bring in Punchline. She crosses paths with Harley Quinn, also on the Punchline trail, and decides to collect the bounty on her too. Hunter Panic chases the two, and when Punchline tries to outsmart them, Harley saves Hunter’s life. But that’s not enough to deter Hunter, who continues his pursuit. Harley catches up with Punchline, knocks her out, and leaves her to Hunter Panic.

The issue doesn’t mention what happened to the original Mother Panic, or how Jodi found the outfit. This may be revealed in later issues, but it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time DC has given a futuristic look at the character. After the conclusion of the original Mother panics series, a follow-up mini-series, titled Mother Panic: Gotham AD was released, which saw the character thrown into a future Gotham where vigilantes were banned.

A similar future was revealed during Future state, but the details are different. Will there be an attempt to reconcile the two? What happened to Violet Paige? Is she still there?Mother panics is Gotham City’s forgotten vigilante, but now the character has a second hit, and she’s trying to bring in Harley quinn.

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