Half-Light is the latest exhibition at the Star Brewery Gallery in Lewes



It comes from Uckfield artist Mark Munroe-Preston.

Mark said: “The exhibit will feature a selection of my latest tree landscapes, which, as the name suggests, represent an incredible variety of trees. These pieces are mostly located in the Sussex countryside surrounding Lewes, from the South Downs to Ashdown Forest. I hope this work will present familiar scenes from the region in a new and interesting way.

“The works of art are presented as prints on brushed aluminum sheets, which really helps them bring them to life with its reflective metallic surface allowing light to bounce through the inks giving deep saturated colors. and a real sense of depth as the image changes depending on the lighting and the angle at which it is viewed.

“The show took a year in planning as it had to be postponed several times due to the lockdown and each time it was reworked to include my most recent photos.”

Mark was born in Yorkshire and after completing his photography degree at Wolverhampton Polytechnic he moved to London in 1991 he first worked as an assistant photographer and worked with many photographers on a wide variety of subjects before to start a career as a freelance photographer, specializing in still life projects.

With the advent of computers and in particular Photoshop, he moved to a more illustrative style of work. Since then, Mark has worked as a digital illustrator for book publishers and magazines around the world, a digital artist for several national newspapers, a children’s illustrator working in 3D and most recently as a creative director for an American toy company. , where he designed a line of award winning children’s emotional learning toys.

Mark moved to Sussex in 2001 and it was there that he began to explore the local countryside, and in particular Ashdown Forest and the South Downs National Park, with his dogs and camera.

In 2017, he began using his large library of photographs to create works of art for his first exhibition at an art fair in Uckfield.


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