How this Assam illustrator delights art lovers with myth and mysticism



Self-identity and expression are the two cornerstones of art. In fact, the arts industry is filled with conversations and articles that tell individual and cultural stories. Being able to express oneself conscientiously and creatively on canvas or any other medium is what separates the most talented from the greatest. For artists like Pallab Barua, self-expression is easy and it’s often the first thing you notice in your work, before anything else.

Before discovering his talent and his love for the brush, Pallab captured his desire to pursue fashion design. Pallab, a graduate of NIFT (Delhi), said: “As a science student it was kind of a crime to even think about doing fashion design at the time, but my parents supported me. wholeheartedly in this business. I worked in the menswear industry for a few years, but then changed my career to being an illustrator at some point. My parents have supported me tremendously throughout this trip and I know they will continue to support me. “

“I did my preliminary artistic training under the direction of the famous late Madhav Baishya Sir. But apart from that, the specific field of art that interests me is entirely self-taught, ”he adds.

This craft has been perfected through constant, dedicated practice and hard work, growing into a force to be reckoned with in the art industry inside and outside Assam. Pallab describes his art as “dark, fervent and invigorating”. He adds that his first big break was the source of his inspiration to do even more with his art. “My first breakthrough in this professional field was when I competed in the RedBull World Doodle Championship in 2017, where people really appreciated my art and found my working style very interesting. It really encouraged me to work in this field in a professional manner, ”he says.

Over time, many of his completed projects and works have shaped his style and approach to art. These projects were the highlight of his artistic career. For example, working with big brands like Ultratribe, the famous contemporary classic group Shadow and Light helped him perfect his art by pushing it to its artistic limits. The many different album covers for the independent music industry also helped him explore the depths of his creativity.

In order to achieve its best results, Pallab must tap into its well of creativity to produce quality works of art. Like many other great artists, Pallab believes that art is about more than financial rewards. He is more interested in understanding the needs of his clients, while trying to scan their minds and bring their wants to life.

“The official selection of Mirzapur posters by Prime Video and Excel Media and Entertainment, created by me, has helped me establish myself on an international platform. I am so grateful that this has happened!

“Before starting a new commissioned work of art, I try to understand the curator’s desires and perspectives, I try to understand a theme in relation to his expectations, then I start to do some basic research and I try to find relevant information about it. theme of various books, internet, documentaries, etc. As for the elements of the ancient symbols, I prefer Dan Brown, for the ancient pagan symbols related to the Temple of Set, for the Egyptian symbols there is the Egyptian Book of Life, etc.

According to the talented artist, he is greatly inspired by mythology and this is very evident in his works. “Well, most of the mythologies across different cultures are immensely imbued with creativity. Fables, gospels, epic stories amass enough material and characters to explore and I believe that with a touch of creativity we can create wonders while trying to present them from our perspective.

There are many other artists who motivate Pallab. He is as inspired by their works as his work inspires others. “I can cite a few contemporary artists from whom I am inspired. Most of these artists are dealing with mythological characters / stories and abstract artwork with intricate detail images. I am hugely inspired by some of the great artists in this genre like DZO Olivier, Jung Gi Kim and Mihai Manescu who have always set a benchmark and inspired other artists like me to strive to create such detailed works of art. Inspiration can come from anywhere and there are many aspiring and established artists from India as well as Abhishek Singh and Bijay Biswaal who regularly inspire me to create and improve more compelling works. (There are many names in this field, but I am only citing a few names because it is not possible to name all the names) ”.

Pallab also reveals how he manages to stay engaged through all the challenges he has faced on his journey to greatness. “The different challenges that each work brings in terms of ideas, themes, etc., motivate me to constantly create and recreate art. The whole process of thinking deeply, living in my comfort zone of creative stimulation and finally putting it on paper seems exciting to me. “

Speaking about the future of illustration in the digital age, Pallab believes digitally produced works of art are a thing now and are definitely here to stay. He says this medium of work has immense potential and allows different styles of work to be accessed and explored in a relatively short time and at low cost, which would not have been possible otherwise. In a sense, digital works of art help expand an artist’s level of creativity, without compromising the outcome. Now, with the advent of NFT (non-fungible token), the digital age is the future of art.

For Pallab, always optimistic, there is still a lot to do in the art industry, and it is only just beginning. He says he’s like his visually impaired father who refused to give up at any point in his life. “I, too, refuse to give up, no matter what obstacle stands in front of me. I would like to mention my father here. He was the founding deputy director of the Jorhat Blind Institute. I have listened to his stories of struggling against the vagaries of life with great fear since childhood. It still amazes me how he finished his studies and graduated, and then managed to study law. Gradually, when he began to lose his eyesight, together with his close companion, the late Prasanna Pincha, he created the Jorhat Blind Institute, which was later affiliated by the government and he was its director until the present day. of his retirement about 10 years ago. My father is a glaring example of how he spent his entire life without any expectations of anyone, facing every obstacle in his path while devoting his entire life to serving the disadvantaged blind students of Assam. I started to face the reality of him from a young age, and I always draw inspiration from his courage and kindness.

Pallab, recalling his happiest and proudest moment, said: “The official selection of Mirzapur posters by Prime Video and Excel Media and Entertainment, created by me, has helped me establish myself on a platform. -international form. I am so grateful that this has happened!

Describing his trip as extremely satisfying, Pallab hopes to release more work soon for his future fans who were further anticipating his mythological plans, and perhaps an exhibition he reveals may well be in the works. “Yes definitely, I have more work to come out soon. I think many of the upcoming projects from our production house will be appreciated by viewers. These exciting projects will be the result of the tireless efforts of several talented artists who will come together and will work together. In fact, I don’t like planning too much ahead. On the contrary, I believe that jostling and working hard in the present will certainly shape a better future. Right now, I don’t have any immediate plans for an exhibition, especially given the current circumstances, but I would definitely like to exhibit if given a chance in the future, ”he says.

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