How to Warp and Convert Multiple Words to One Shape in Illustrator

This article will guide you through the steps of warp and convert multiple texts into a single shape using Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator is full of tools that will bring out the creativity in you. These tools can be especially useful for creating logos and other artwork that appeals to creativity and uniqueness. Distorting text into shapes allows logos and other artwork to be used as trademarks that people will remember.

Warp and convert multiple words into a single shape in Illustrator

Branding is where companies go beyond just having a logo, they use the designs to create memorable works of art. The mark will be remembered even when the words are removed and only the shapes remain.

The steps involved in warping and converting multiple texts into a single shape using Adobe Illustrator are:

  1. Choose and prepare the shape
  2. Choose the texts
  3. Convert text to shape
  4. Putting the finishing touches
  5. to safeguard

1]Choose and prepare the shape

Choosing the shape that would best represent your style is very important. Choosing the right shape will make you more comfortable with the finished product. The right shape will also make the artwork more visible to people if it is for business. A round shape would be great for a logo or illustration on something that is already round, like a ball or the sun. For this article, a circle will be used. The Illustrator shape is an ellipse, but it can be shaped into a circle.

Look at the left panel and choose the Ellipse Tool if it’s there or press and hold any shape to activate the popup, then choose the ellipse. You can also press L on the keyboard to get the Ellipse tool.


When you choose the Ellipse Tool or press L, click on the canvas and a dialog box will appear. You can choose the size of the ellipse, for a circle, just put the width and height so that they are the is the circle that was created.

How to warp and convert multiple texts into one shape in Illustrator-Ellipse-2

Draw another ellipse but make it elongated and a bit wider than the first ellipse. Then pull it to the other ellipse halfway up.


Select both shapes, then navigate to the Scout window and click Divide. If the Pathfinder window is not there, go to Window and click Scout.

How to warp and convert multiple texts into one shape in Illustrator-Divide-Shapes-Pieces.

Clicking split will split the shapes where they intersect. Select all and right click and choose Ungroup. You should be able to select each element of the split shape. If you can’t select every part, just double click on any part and you should see it selected. The circle will be divided into three parts that can be used for text.

The outer part of the second ellipse will be a separate part and you can remove it or keep it depending on your design preferences. Removing the outer piece will make the design a full circle that looks more like a sphere. If the outer piece is kept, the design will almost look like the ring around Saturn.

2]Choose the text

Choose the text that matches your project and your goal. Using all caps may be best for shapes, however, you can experiment and see what works. Remember that if it’s a logo, the font will also be very important to the message you’re sending, so choose wisely.

3]Convert text to shape

How-to-distort-and-convert-multiple-text-to-one-shape-in-Illustrator-select-word-and-shapeBefore the conversion process can begin, all parts of the shape must be made to be front. If this is not done, the process will not work.


To bring to front, select the parts you want to bring to front, right click on them and go to Arrange then Bring to fore.

Since the form is in three pieces, there will be three words. Each word will be placed in a piece of the split form.How-to-distort-and-convert-multiple-text-to-one-shape-in-Illustrator-Envelope-Distort

As you write each word, select it and the corresponding piece of the shape. Go to Object then Envelope Distortion Create with top object or press Alt+Ctrl+C.

How-to-distort-and-convert-multiple-text-to-one-shape-in-Illustrator-full-circle-onlyAll words will be distorted into the piece of the form with which they were associated. To modify the words, double-click with the Selection tool in the center of the distorted word and you will see the original word appear. You can then use the Text tool to make changes to the text.


How-to-distort-and-convert-multiple-text-to-one-shape-in-Illustrator-Completed colorcircle

Once the text is distorted into shape, you can add color and other elements to suit your project.


Now that the job is done, it’s time to save it. If you want to keep it as a vector to preserve the quality and the ability to stretch it without losing quality, save it as a vector file. You can save it as PDF, SVG or any other vector file format.

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How to twist multiple words into a single shape?

The way to warp multiple words into a single shape is to split the shape into different pieces using the Split tool in the Pathfinder window. The pieces will keep the original shape, so when the text is added, they will look like the original shape when placed together. You will use envelope distortion to place the words into the pieces of the shape. The shapes will be placed together so that the words look like the original whole shape.

Why is it important to learn how to twist multiple words into a single shape?

Learning how to twist multiple words into a single shape can be a great way to create unique logos and other artwork. These shaped words make the artwork more interesting and not boring like flat writing.

How to warp and convert multiple texts into a single shape in Illustrator

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