Illustrator creates a game to depict styles of famous architects


The latest project by illustrator and architect Federico Babina, called ARCHITANGRAM, acts as an “architect’s alphabet” that helps break down the recognizable styles of famous designers. This visual series is designed as a creative game. Using a minimal set of building blocks, Babina is able to recreate some of these architects’ most iconic buildings in an easily translatable way.

Babina shared 37 unique illustrations from ARCHITANGRAM, each based on the work of an important designer. As you browse through some of his work, you might recognize many designers and even some of the buildings that best describe their work. Ultimately, however, each creation is made from a number of defined shapes: squares, rectangles, diamonds, domes, etc.

If you want to play the game with architects not on this list, Babina gave us the rules he used to make these drawings. First, a square is divided into 23 pieces, each piece representing a kind of “letter” in an architect’s alphabet. You can then rotate and move these pieces around the drawing board to create new diagrams of different buildings. And that’s about it! You can rearrange the shapes as you like.

ARCHITANGRAM explores the playful side of architecture where the main ingredients are mathematics, geometry, fantasy and imagination ”, explains Babina. “It’s a fun experience that uses play to understand the problems of modulating space using logic and invention to rediscover the rule of composition.” Babina playfully describes this project as “a useless illustrated game” that can neither be won nor lost. It is, in his own words, “pure gymnastics for the imagination and the fantasy.” He says it’s just an exercise to stay creative and keep exploring new ideas.

While the game is currently only a concept, it will be exciting to see if it comes to life in another form for the masses to enjoy. For now, fans of the concept can mimic Babina’s imagined shapes with their own materials and rearrange them to create imaginary architecture.

If you like this project, be sure to check out our previous coverage of his work, including artist styles like architecture and mental illness like architecture.

Illustrator and architect Federico Babina has designed a creative game perfect for architects and architecture enthusiasts. It’s called ARCHITANGRAM.

ARCHITANGRAM by Federico Babina

It starts with a black square cut into 23 different shapes.

ARCHITANGRAM by Federico Babina

Players can take these shapes and rearrange them into imaginary architecture inspired by famous architects and styles.

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All images via Federico Bibana.

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