Illustrator Katie Cardew opens boutique in St Mary’s Street, Stamford


A business owner had a successful first day of trading after being inundated with satisfied buyers.

Illustrator Katie Cardew launched her first boutique in St Mary’s Street, Stamford yesterday (July 20) after nearly two months of preparation.

Katie, 31, said: “It went really well because we were very busy.

Katie Cardew in her new boutique

“Everyone was really welcoming.”

She added: “I think because this is our first store, there were challenges, such as the design and concept of the shelves, colors and the window.

“We wanted to create a place where the kids feel comfortable too, so we have a chalkboard to make it more innovative and a little different to attract people.”

Katie Cardew in her new boutique
Katie Cardew in her new boutique

The most requested item to date are Alcohol Themed Fridge Magnets and Peacock Dinnerware.

Customers also enjoy seeing the products in person when previously they could only browse online or visit Katie at events, many of which have been canceled in the past 18 months due to the pandemic.

“That’s what most drove me to having a store, is that people can see the beautiful workmanship and the quality,” Katie said.

“It’s hard to make yourself understood in the photos so that people can come in and touch and feel the quality of the patterns and fabrics.

“It’s nice for people to go back to the stores. Have a coffee next door and come in and browse.”

Katie Cardew in her new boutique
Katie Cardew in her new boutique

The Katie Cardew store has three rooms, showcasing the entire Stamford collection, as well as a range of gift and housewares products and a print gallery.

Katie also plans to bring back her workshops, which will be held at the store, and the team also plans to host corporate and social events at the store.

“It’s so nice to have direct feedback from customers and to see what interests them and to hear people talking,” she said.

For starters, Katie will be working at the store almost every day to make sure everything runs smoothly, before gradually reducing her days and leaving the store in the hands of her staff.

She will also juggle childcare, workshop facilitation and design while running the business.

Katie said: “It’s a fight but I’ve always juggled it.

“I worked a lot at night, I missed Love Island, but it’s worth it.”

She added: “We would like to see a lot more people from Stamford.

“But if people can’t come to the store, I have a really beautiful website and behind the scenes on Instagram.”

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