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Immersive exhibition “Monet and his friends” taking place in Kaohsiung for three months. (Photo KKLIVE)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – An immersive exhibition featuring French artist Claude Monet and 17 other iconic works of the Impressionists takes place in Kaohsiung for three months.

Organized by the Australian art and technology company Grande Experiences, the exhibition, titled “Monet and his friends”, focuses on 2,000 classic pieces by 18 European art masters. It was originally scheduled to debut in Taipei in June. However, organizer KKLIVE canceled the opening due to the COVID pandemic, and it was then moved to Kaohsiung.

Grande Experiences’ launch of the immersive “Van Gogh Alive” exhibition was a huge success, attracting 60 million visitors in 65 cities, including Taipei and Kaohsiung. This time, Taiwan will be the second stop of “Monet and his friends” of his world tour and the first in Asia.

The exhibition is divided into four parts, starting with the artist presentations followed by a section where SENSORY4 ™ technology and 30 projectors bring paintings by Monet, Paul Cézanne and Georges Seurat to life, accompanied by classical music and pleasant aromas. .

In addition to the exhibition, Taiwanese illustrator Sangna Take (æ¡‘æ‹¿ 大 可) has launched a solo exhibition that depicts his mischievous take on 10 Impressionists through creative drawings. The exhibition will be open next to “Monet and his friends” until October 31 and admission is free.

“Monet and Friends” took over the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Kaohsiung Zuoying store until December 19. Tickets are available online.

Immersive dreamlike exhibition
“Monet and his friends” (KKLIVE photo)

Immersive dreamlike exhibition
“Monet and his friends” (KKLIVE photo)

Immersive dreamlike exhibition
Sangna Take exhibition (Photo KKLIVE)

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