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An interior designer 2 is familiar with the interior design process and what needs to be achieved in all phases of a project. They master the skills required of a D1 and are able to work and adapt to different types of projects. A D2 assists a D3 / D4 / D5 with medium to large scale projects and understands what is included in the schematic design phase and in a set of design and construction development documents. They have the ability to create and develop a design concept with moderate supervision.

A D2 develops the skills to lead a small project and produce a set of drawings with supervision. This role is presented to the construction administration and various responsibilities during the phase.

  • Work on one or more projects with moderate supervision by D3 / 4/5
  • Assist in the preparation of client design presentations (selection of conceptual images, generation of 3D views, rendered elevations, material selections and FF&E). Able to create a client presentation template based on the meeting agenda.
  • Understand the scope of the project and the required deliverables
  • Create and develop design concepts
  • Assist in the production of design and construction development documents with moderate supervision
  • Able to develop only schedules for interior finishes, appliances, plumbing fixtures and door hardware
  • Know building codes and ADA requirements and know where they are required
  • Support Interiors D3 / 4/5 in consultant coordination and construction administration
  • Assistance in the preparation of specifications.
  • Develop selections of FF&E packages and materials.
  • Correspond with suppliers regarding finishes, FF&E specifications and prices.
  • Systematically redline and revise work for accuracy
  • Attend meetings with clients and coordinate as needed and prepare meeting minutes.
  • Develop presentation skills and learn how to generate an agenda for coordination and meetings with clients
  • Develop the ability to lead small projects and perform the tasks below with moderate supervision:

Create and maintain the Interiors work plan

Generate drawing list for design development and construction documents

Complete the Interiors portion of the Design and Construction Development Document Set

  • Work both independently and as a team in an efficient and organized manner
  • Systematically respect the deadlines set in the project work plan
  • Begin to develop management skills and knowledge about what is needed to effectively lead a team
  • Follow MA standards and procedures
  • Self-assess your skills, efficiency and areas for improvement


Professional degree in architecture, interior architecture or interior design

Other accreditations encouraged (NCIDQ, AIA, LEED)

To live:

6+ years of experience in residential, office and / or hospitality projects


The portfolio demonstrates strong design solutions

Clear verbal and written communication skills

Motivated, organized and strong problem-solving skills

Able to collaborate and work effectively as a team

Ability to work on multiple projects efficiently


Proficient in 3D modeling using software such as Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD and SketchUp

Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign)

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