Jose Lugo receives praise from critics and music lovers for his unique music

Josel Lugo’s journey in the music industry is an inspiration to all emerging artists.

Jose Lugo, a violinist with extraordinary versatility, is also a composer, violinist, DJ and producer. Lugo is a talented videographer who can play virtually any musical style on his main instrument. He has received likes and shares from many Latin musicians and is currently considered one of the most adaptable artists in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

Above all, Jose is well known on social media and in mainstream media in his own country. To collectively become the best Venezuelan in the Dominican Republic.

1997 saw the birth of José Lugo in Coro, Venezuela. He began learning music at age 10 in Venezuela’s “El Sistema” program, where he performed various academic pieces and was part of important orchestras such as the National Youth Orchestra of Venezuela.

With his first piece of electronic music, “Sensation”, he was able to make history by winning the award for best electronic music film at the PEPSI VENEZUELA 2020 gala in Miami and Caracas. He also enlightened people on the music of the sovereign honors of the Dominican Republic.

His next singles, Bakana and Ennota, are urban genres in which he promises saying, “To bring my art to its maximum expression, and with my new lyrics, I hope to connect with all of my audience.”

Lugo’s work is available on all platforms, and he promises to be a completely original and up-and-coming artist who achieves true punch-holes never before seen in the industry today. He is the producer of his entire career and his goal is to advance as far as possible until he finds the perfect team to help him succeed in music. He hopes to leave a musical legacy. The young man, who is inspired by classical music composers, wants his name to be associated with greatness.

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About Joselugomusic

The talented artist José Lugo is a musician who plays the violin, sings, DJs and composes all the material he publishes on social networks. José Lugo, who won the 2020 Pepsi Prize for his first musical, ‘Sensation’, is trying to establish himself as one of his country’s most adaptable musicians and expand his career as an off-road entertainer to the ‘international. His first song as a singer-songwriter, “Bakana”, marked his entry into the urban mainstream music arena.

Currently residing in the Dominican Republic, Lugo is a composer-musician of Venezuelan origin. He is considered the most versatile violinist in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, where he achieved great success. One of his goals is to work with notable artists like Big Soto and Danny Ocean.

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