Kanye West celebrates Drake’s support in Instagram attacks

Kanye West seems to feel validated by Drake after his recent Instagram posts.

Kanye West has turned away from the bad publicity his Yeezy brand is getting after many people took issue with his White Lives Matter t-shirt during Paris Fashion Week. From trolling a black Vogue editor to bashing Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid’s wife Hailey Bieber and launching an attack on new rival LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault, Kanye has been very active on his Instagram account.

It looks like he seems to be getting the kind of validation he needs from the likes on his post. In a new Instagram post, Kanye says it’s “warming [his] heart” when he saw that Drake liked one of his posts. The post in question was that he was responding to Hailey Bieber calling him out for bullying Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

In an Instagram post, Kanye shared that he will now embrace Drake’s Nocta collaboration and play his music at Donda games after liking one of his posts.

“Everyone knows me and Drake had a rivalry in the past. It really warmed my heart to see Drake liking one of my posts. We still need Team Donda to play Nocta. All the Drake music will be played at Donda games in the future,” he wrote in all caps.

Kanye West was previously at odds with Drake because he felt the Canadian rapper was in love with his wife, Kim Kardashian, and made the song “In My Feelings” which referenced Kim, whose nickname is also “Kiki.” .

via Kanye West’s Instagram

In another post, he said he was Kim’s “favorite performance artist” and Drake’s “favorite artist”.

Drake hasn’t said anything about Kanye’s latest post, but it’s clear the rapper is using others to draw attention to his brands. He also apologized to DJ Khaled for “not being more present when you asked me”.

It’s unclear if he has issues with Fat Joe as he wrote, “If I was Fat Joe I would never wear Yeezy again because of the way I was with Khaled when he didn’t tell me. showed nothing but love and was the most positive person on the planet. Gonna catch you up a little how,” he wrote, adding the words “God Did” in reference to DJ Khaled’s remix of Kanye’s “Jesus Is King” track “Use This Gospel” featuring Eminem.

In the meantime, since Kanye West and Drake squashed their beef last year, they haven’t been seen together, or made any music together.

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