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After 11 years, a woman from Pine Island made her dreams come true by publishing her first children’s book, spotlighting two characters who paved the way, opened doors, and created a story that touched the author beyond all eyes. belief.

Paulette LeBlanc, editor-in-chief of Pine Island Eagle, began writing “Toofer and offal” 11 years ago, when her son and daughter were teenagers. She said she would run chapters through them to see their reaction.

“My granddaughters will be able to read the books. It’s crazy. A dream come true,” she said. “Oh my God, I cried when I held it in my hand. I have proof. They will be here on Monday (December 6).

The book tells the story of two mice named Toofer, reserved, thoughtful and observant, and The Giblet, who is outgoing and outgoing.

“It started when I imagined my best friend back then. We were always together. I thought about our relationship like we were mice and what that would be like,” said LeBlanc. “How funny it would be as a children’s book, fun for children and adults. It kind of fell into my head and it became this unstoppable force to write every story. . . deeper with each book. It becomes magic. They are so real to me.

“Toofer and offal” will ultimately be a series of seven books.

“I finished six last week” LeBlanc said of the series. “Sometimes I’ll go a year without touching the mice. It took me about four days to write book six.

The first book in the series introduces the two mice before the chapters delve deeper and share the journey of life.

“The main characters show me where they are going to go”, said LeBlanc. “I don’t know who’s behind the door until the character opens the door. It’s a weird way of writing. I had no idea and all of a sudden Toof, I think today that’s how you feel. The Giblet is that way. They took me to places I never saw coming. They made me cry.

Illustrator, Dmitry Morozov, from Ukraine, said LeBlanc, captures the characters perfectly.

“Dmitry did the trick. Oh holy night, I think the stars are shining brightly ”, she said of her illustrations. “We just love him and how much he loves the show blows my mind.”

The story of “Toofer and offal” is shared in the classic way without cellphones, bullies or modern issues.

“There are really great things covered in these books. A story within a story “, she said. “I felt like when my kids were little, there were certain things my mom taught me, that I taught them. Time has not changed these lessons.

Like many writers, the love of the craft began as soon as she could hold a pencil. Although she never graduated from college, LeBlanc took to writing and became editor-in-chief of Gulf Coast Woman before becoming a freelance reporter for the Breeze and then editor-in-chief of the Pine Island Eagle.

“The islanders are incredibly supportive”, she said.

The book is published by Dragon Horse Publishing.

LeBlanc said when President Julie Koester read the story, she said she was building a home for “Toofer and shoot it.”

“They created an in-house publishing house. They are so good at everything in the book world. Being an advertising agency is their daily bread, but Julie loves literature ”, she said.

The book can be purchased at www.dragonhorsepublishing.com. The characters can also be found at www.facebook.com/TooferandTheGiblet.

LeBlanc said she is grateful for the team and the extraordinary adventure they are on.

“I’m so grateful,” she said.

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