Liquid Marketplace Brings Co-Ownership to Rare Assets

Liquid Marketplace brings fractional ownership to the world’s rarest assets using blockchain technology.

Fractional ownership

Liquid Marketplace is a Toronto-based startup bringing fractional ownership of rare, high-value assets to the everyday consumer. They do this through a marketplace that has already seen over 85,000 users onboarded. So when BSC News spoke with CEO and co-founder Ryan Bahadori, it was clear that Liquid Marketplace had tapped into a unique demand.


It all started by answering a simple question: can someone buy a fraction of an asset without spending a fortune to acquire the whole thing? Thus, the idea of ​​Liquid Marketplace was born. Bahadori and co-founder Amin Nikdel quickly focused on mapping out what that might look like.

Soon after, Bahadori introduced the platform to serial entrepreneur Logan Paul who later joined the team.

“People of all demographics should be able to co-own some of the rarest and most expensive assets, not just 1 rich man,” Paul says. “Everyone wants an equal opportunity, the cash gives it to them.”

blockchain technology

It is important to note that the platform itself is not built on top of a layer one solution. However, the tokens, which act as your proof of ownership and are unique to each asset, are ERC-20. “How else do you register the ownership of people across the planet in a seamless and transparent way? You are using the blockchain.

Bahadori made a point of explaining that although it is not a crypto project per se, they are using blockchain technology to fill a need. “This use case is exactly where the next level of crypto is going. It’s not fancy, we’re not pumping a token, we’re just using technology.


Community consensus

One of the rarest collectibles on the planet is the Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator Holo PSA 10 from 1998. While only Paul owned the collectible, the item is now available in the market for anyone to purchase one. fraction. So how does it work exactly?

“Instead of buying a million dollar asset yourself, why not buy it with a hundred other people,” Bahadori notes. “If you ever want to sell it, you decide that collectively via a voting page.”

This is exactly what is currently happening with the PSA 8 Pikachu Illustrator. On August 13, more than 80% of co-owners voted in favor of the auction of this asset.

Long term horizon

Bahadori and the team have been active in the development of the mobile application version of their platform. Along with a number of new features coming in, the team continues to onboard new users as it seeks to further expand its reach. Liquid Marketplace initially raised $2 million in their funding round. This was followed by a Series A where an additional $4 million was raised for a valuation of $26 million.

Among its advisory group are heavyweights such as toy titan Jeremy Padawer, former CEO and co-founder of Complex media Rich Antoniello, renowned global music artist Steve Aoki and many others.

Where to find Liquid Marketplace:

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Discord

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