Live broadcast review: Olivia Rodrigo performs prom concert


Live broadcast review: Olivia Rodrigo performs prom concert

Becoming a sensational pop star in 2021 in light of the chaos 2020 had to offer requires “out of the box” thinking. After having broadcast that of Olivia Rodrigo Sour bal on June 29, it became clear to audiences around the world that the young artist has no shortage of creative ideas. The free live broadcast met not only the remote necessity of current concerts, but also those who had never had the chance to experience a ball, including Rodrigo herself.

Opening to a suburban scene in which Rodrigo debuts in a royal blue gown, the live broadcast drew parallels to the artist’s previous music videos. But once she picked up the mic, it became apparent that the crisp, clear camera angles would be accompanied by true, uncut voices. The first song played? An unprecedented mix of “déjà vu” and “happier”. As the part acoustic and part electronic pop song played, Rodrigo drove a limo to his prom where she performed the majority of the set.

There, “brutal” began to play. Accompanied by a backdrop of kitsch balloons and a handful of well-dressed background dancers, she gave a name to the teenage angst and subliminal beauty of her expression. As the lights flashed to the rhythm of the drums groove, Rodrigo posed in front of the famous punch bowl, embodying the wallflower temperament proclaimed by his lyrics.

A complete change of pace was greeted at the start of the next song, “traitor”. As the background dancers slowly swayed towards a tragic story of post-breakup relationships, Rodrigo sang with emotion. With every sad look the artist looked at the camera, viewers were confronted with the emotion intensely channeled into the song. After the ballad, the artist introduced “jealousy, jealousy”. The pop-punk mashup was showcased by a live band who carried as much emotion in every strum as Rodrigo did in every note. Additionally, the 360-degree camera angles increasingly highlighted the stunning and modern design of the ballroom sets with each pass. By the time the next song, “Enough For You,” started, the whole thing had changed. Illuminated by red light, she performed the acoustic song in a photo lab. Polaroids of what appeared to be the artist’s friends and family hung from a string around the room, providing the perfect backdrop for a song that deals with struggles for self-esteem in the midst of a relationship. .

Reaching the 18th minute of the nearly 30-minute live broadcast, she went on to perform her first hit, “Driver’s License.” As thousands of viewers flooded the comments section with the song’s famous lines, Rodrigo sang alongside a grand piano centered on a high school soccer field. Ending the song with her own piano solo, the artist left no doubt as to why the song had become a sensation so quickly.

For her last song of the evening, she rocked to “good 4 u”. Sending his prom with an appropriate high school tribute, Rodrigo sang alongside the school marching band in a Friday night lights together. As she reached the energetic end of her set list, viewers begged for an encore.

With over 5 million views in less than 24 hours, the success of Sour bal is indisputable. Rodrigo and his team’s efforts are more than evident in every scene of the live broadcast, which is now available on his YouTube channel. For all those who have 27 minutes to spare, Sour bal well worth the time and emotion to relive a frozen moment in high school history.

Define the list:
happier / already seen (Mashup)
jealousy, jealousy
enough for you
Driving license
good 4 you


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