Love and Thunder Concept Art Offers a Glimpse of the Return of Grandmaster’s Cut

Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster was originally slated to return in Thor: Love and Thunder, as revealed in concept art featuring the retaliation for the denied role.

Thor: Love and Thunder Concept art now shows that Jeff Goldblum was originally set to reprise his role as Grandmaster but didn’t do the final cut of the film.

In a recent Instagram post, Marvel Studios illustrator Laurent Ben-Mimoun showed off a piece depicting the Grandmaster in a broken-down spaceship similar to those in Sakaar in the previous film. Thor: Ragnarok. He is shown standing next to an unknown masked figure performing ship repairs and the decapitated leader of Korg, implying that this scene would have taken place after Thor, Jane, Valkyrie and Korg battled the gods of Omnipotence City . While the Grand Master wears the same sumptuous robes of Ragnarok, he seems unhappy with the current state of disrepair of the ship. Oddly, observant fans have pointed out that the character’s arms mysteriously appear to be robotic.

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The post’s caption reads “Moon of Shame”, implying a connection to the scene in which Gorr the Butcher God attacks Thor, Jane, and Valkryie in his Shadow Realm. It is unknown what Gorr’s connection to the Grand Master is, but the Grand Master has adjacent deity status as an Elder of the Universe and could qualify as a god by Gorr’s definition. Still, Marvel reportedly demanded the film be only two hours long, so any potential Grandmaster subplot would have been cut for time.

A convoluted character famous in the comics, The Grandmaster is an eccentric cosmic ruler of the exotic planet Sakaar. However, its political power was dramatically lost by the height of Thor: Ragnarok. In one of the film’s post-credits scenes, he tries unsuccessfully to appease a mob of his angry citizens who have just revolted against him. Relevant to this scene, director Taika Waititi explained that the character was originally meant to be hiding on Thor’s ship.

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In a roundabout response to the Goldblum, the actor confirmed that the Grand Master will not appear in Thor: Love and Thunder before its release. However, the first episode of the new Disney+ series She-Hulk: Lawyer saw the return of Grandmaster’s “personal vessel” and even teased a possible return of Grandmaster and Sakaar in future projects. After all, he still has the crowd of champions teased in Ragnarök (like the fan-favorite Beta-Ray Bill) who could also return in one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s cosmic ventures, which would be an easy way to reintroduce Goldblum to the MCU.

Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to begin streaming on Disney+ soon.

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