Ludhiana | Audiences back in theaters with renewed zeal: Rajit Kapur

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid, theatergoers are back to watching live performances with renewed zeal, said veteran Rajit Kapur, who is the lead actor in the play ‘The Siddhus of Upper Juhu which was staged at Guru Nanak Auditorium on Saturday.

Kapur, a national award-winning actor, rose to fame for his performance in the 80s program Doordarshan Byomkesh Bakshi in which he played a detective. “I was first a theater artist, then a film actor. Theater and film artists have different lifestyles because discipline is in the former,” he added.

He said the play highlights the chaos and stress of city life faced by a middle-aged couple living in their beachfront apartment in the wealthy suburb of Mumbai. The 90-minute play was directed by Rahul-Da Cunha and organized by Ludhiana Sanskritik Samagam. Kapur stars as Balvinder Sidhu aka Bubbles, a middle-aged financial executive and Shernaz Patel plays his Parsi wife Behroze.

The play, which has already been performed in places like Singapore, Dubai and Sydney, will also be performed in Amritsar, Rajit’s hometown. Da Cunha, Kapur and Patel had performed together in the Rage Theater Group in 1992.

Kapur also gave a press conference with other cast members including Patel, Meera Khurana, Kajali Sharma and Prince Kanwal ahead of the performance.

Kapur, who also performed in Chandigarh on Friday, said he was visiting Ludhiana after almost 18 years. He added that schools and theaters in Chandigarh have developed a disciplined culture of plays and the Punjab Naatshala in Amritsar also hosts them regularly, most of which are rooted in Punjab.

He said the people of Ludhiana should also take the initiative because it is never too late. He added that drama and other art forms should be encouraged in the early years of life and be a mandatory part of extracurricular activities at school level.

Talking about the outstanding performance of South Indian movies compared to mainstream Bollywood audiences, he said, “Movies made in the south have excelled due to better scripts and also because people are more disciplined”

Speaking about the rise of OTT platforms, Shernaz Patel, who made his debut with the play Diary of Anne Frank in 1984, said: “Most actors on OTT platforms come from the theater and have done great performances , because they are trained in teamwork. , discipline, focus, character building and voice modulation live on stage.

Prince Kanwal, who plays Rajit’s brother, said: “It is a general perception that only those who cannot do anything else enter the theatre, which is wrong and needs to be changed.”

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