Maltese illustrator Iella returns to Malta for long-awaited solo exhibition

Maltese illustrator Daniela Attard, known as iella, returns to Malta for her long-awaited three-part solo exhibition.

The artist has been abroad for quite a while now and is returning temporarily as part of a very ambitious traveling solo exhibition.

“Over the past few years, I have struggled with the concept of home and belonging in one place. It is a common problem who has just left his country of origin to develop and find his place in the world, ”explained the artist.

“The work will feature very detailed figurative work rendered mostly in pencil, as well as a selection of sketchbooks and travel sketches,” she said.

“Malta, the UK and Australia have all shaped my artistic and personal growth and are some of the main reasons this exhibition was designed to ‘travel’. “

The exhibition will be shown not in just one country, but in three, having already appeared in London earlier this year. As for the second part, the exhibition will take place for two weeks in Malta, and the third part will take place next year in Australia.

Taking place in these three different places, this exhibition will travel to key places that have inspired and pivoted the work produced.

“Overall, this is a visual story about grief and resilience,” she said.

The artist’s style comes from years of experimenting with graffiti, illustrations and sketchbooks.

With slightly different works between the three exhibitions, some essential pieces will always be present in all three exhibitions.

Eventually, a final publication bringing together all the pieces will also be produced at the end of the exhibition cycle.

The Maltese “Take Me Home” exhibition will open on November 17th at Desko in Valletta and will run for two weeks.

The project is also supported by the Malta Arts Fund.

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