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To become a true expert in product design, you need more than a creative mind and some illustrator skills.

The best professionals have a tremendous amount of knowledge, ranging from color psychology to project management. One of the best ways to soak up this information is to read.

O’Reilly’s Product Design Fundamentals eBook bundle helps you educate yourself, with five top-rated reads. You can get it today for just $ 19.99 from Bleeping Computer Deals.

All too often, product designers forget about the user. They do something beautiful, but quite difficult to use. To avoid this trap, it is important that designers gain knowledge about user experience and usability testing.

This O’Reilly eBook bundle is a great place to start. Each of the five included titles offers key information and practical advice, provided by top experts.

Along the way, you’ll learn about the importance of A / B testing and how to perform proper UX research to inform your design decisions. Other guides look at common design mistakes, how to manage design teams, and the entire product design process.

Each of the titles is rated 4 stars or higher on Amazon, and they’re all written by world-class experts. For example, you can learn more about A / B testing from Rochelle King, currently Global Vice President of Design and User Experience at Spotify.

Order now for just $ 19.99 to get lifetime access to all five eBooks, normal value $ 178.

Prices subject to change.

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