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Mountain Crest senior Emma Oyler was chosen as the featured student for her artistic achievements.

HYRUM — Mountain Crest High School senior Emma Oyler’s artistic abilities and community service have helped her win numerous art and leadership awards.

Emma Oyler is an exceptional art student“, said Monica Bright, fine arts teacher at MCHS.

Emma, ​​who was recently named an MCHS Sterling Scholar for Visual Arts, received a scholarship for her submission to the Watercolor Society’s All-State High School Springville Show.

Not only did Emma receive the top score of 5 on the AP Drawing Exam, but she was one of only 343 students worldwide to achieve the maximum score on every part of the exam.

“I was really surprised just because I didn’t think I did the writing part that well, but I was really excited that I did it,” Emma said. “It was really exciting to see that people liked my work and my thought process.”

Emma’s mother, Karen Oyler, said Emma’s interest in art began at a young age when her grandmother gave her a brush and a paint-by-number which entertained a child stirred for about an hour and a half.

It was amazing to watch her grow and developing and perfecting his craft,” Oyler said. “It was really obvious when she was little that she was going to be artistic.”

Oyler said that after seeing Emma’s interest in art, she enrolled in private art lessons to help develop skills in her interest.

Aside from art classes, Emma said her favorite class was history and her least favorite subject was math.

“It would be pretty cool if I could combine the two and do art history,” Emma said. “I’m also very interested in paleontology and dinosaurs but unfortunately I would have to take a bunch of math and science classes to pursue that art.”

Emma said she hopes to become an illustrator in the future and says she works towards this goal every day.

Besides being an excellent artist, Emma is the mayor of the Hyrum Town Youth Council, where she does community service for the town.

“Emma is very humble but she did a lot of community service“, Oyler said. “She does a lot of service to the community and her church.”

She was also the first Hyrum City Royalty finalist this summer.

“She received many awards during her teenage years and we expect great things from her,” Oyler said. “She’s also a very nice person and she loves her cats.”

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