Meet Angie Tv, NH Performance Artist


In a large storage unit in Newington, a An insect-eyed ukulele, a bloody arm, and characters named Tragic George and Juniper sleep in the wings, awaiting their signals as the videos stream live to Twitter to be archived on YouTube. Meet Angie Tv, a relentlessly engaged performance artist and concept actress. His productions tiptoe around conventional reality, then stray elsewhere. She also makes a perfect imitation of a rubber chicken. To experience something unique, tape old bunny ears to your internet machine and connect to Angie Tv. Let her entertain you.

Photo by David Mendelsohn

  • I never really talked about what I do, why and who I am. It’s going to be very therapeutic for me. Thank you.
  • It started off as a real variety show with me as the host inside a cardboard TV. I was talking and singing songs with my ukulele. I did a season. But there was no dancing.
  • I consider myself 100% a performance artist. I don’t make money with it. I spent way too much money there.
  • For five years, I built and rebuilt sets, bought costumes, wigs, lights and now even pay for the space to create it. It is a full time job.
  • At one point, I was dancing and playing 10 hours a night, three, four days a week. People also don’t understand the time and effort I put in behind the scenes.
  • I do everything myself.
  • It destroyed my relationship with my parents and brothers.
  • I’ve only been a performance artist for five years. Before that, I was a studio artist and writer.
  • It’s hard to describe what I do. It’s a mix between “Pee Wee’s Playhouse”, David Lynch, ballet and Mister Rogers. It is a magical world of imagination, music and dance. I have created a place where you can go and feel less alone.
  • I usually pick a playlist, create a set, and once the camera rolls it becomes spontaneous.
  • There is no real beginning or end to my show. There is no perfection that I hope to achieve. It is a constant work in progress. I will evolve forever.
  • AngieTv has always been a part of me. Originally, I kept it hidden in a cold basement art studio. I dressed alone in vintage clothes and wigs and painted pictures. Finally, I knew I was going to come out of this basement and be just me.
  • I know who I am now, in a giant life-size TV. I’m Angie Tv. Angie Tv, it’s me.
  • If I could be a bird it would be a peacock.
  • Charles Bukowski, the poet, said it best: “Find what you love and let it kill you.”

Stage and storage

MadeAngie Tv has performed her show in many weird spaces. “I’ve had quite a few sets over the years in attics, barns, a wall in my bedroom and now a large storage unit,” she says. Storage units have become increasingly popular in recent months as families in quarantine have remodeled and cleaned up spaces in their homes to set up home offices and classrooms, but these relatively inexpensive have long stimulated the entrepreneurial imagination. Storage units have doubled as group practice spaces, personal gyms, maker / workshop spaces, and even survival caches, ready to be opened in the event of an apocalypse. The mystery of what lives behind the doors of abandoned or seized units in major metropolitan areas has given rise to the reality TV series “Storage Wars” on A&E. And now, Angie Tv has added her personal touch of mystique to the humble storage cabinet – the adult playground of the cluttered mind of the contemporary consumer. Check out her on Facebook @AngieTv.

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