Meet the 5 Lebanese on Forbes 2021 30 Under 30



Five Lebanese nationals were featured on Forbes Middle East’s 2021 30 Under 30 ranking, the definitive annual list of young influencers in the region.

Here are the Lebanese on this year’s 30-under-30 list.

# 1 Farah Chreim


Honored in the Creative category, Farah Chreim is a TikTok user who has amassed over 2 million followers since joining the platform in 2020 (2.3 million at time of writing).

On his TikTok, Chreim sings the traditional Lebanese Zajal, sometimes alongside family members, and his best video has been viewed over 15 million times to date.

The 27-year-old singer also owns a YouTube channel which currently has nearly 200,000 subscribers, where she uploads covers of popular songs.

# 2 Rafik El Hariri

Rafik El-Hariri is a renowned Lebanese <a class=illustrator whose art focuses primarily on mental health topics. ” class=”zeen-lazy-load-base zeen-lazy-load wp-image-148108″ width=”557″ height=”557″ data-lazy-srcset=” 1200w,×100.jpg 100w,×770.jpg 770w,×560.jpg 560w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 557px) 100vw, 557px”/>

Rafik El-Hariri is a renowned Lebanese illustrator whose art focuses primarily on mental health topics. The 26-year-old artist is listed in the Creative category.

Her illustrations have covered a variety of topics that uniquely convey a plethora of emotions and experiences such as longing and empathy.

The United Nations and Doctors Without Borders are two of El-Hariri’s clients, and his influential work continues to be featured in the media.

His picture book, “I Found A Heart,” targets adults and artistically explores mental health, including El-Hariri’s personal experiences.

# 3 Maria Sobh

Maria Sobh, 24, is a Lebanese-Canadian co-founder of The Concept, an award-winning product development and design company that creates innovative and sustainable solutions for its customers.
Maria Sobh / LinkedIn

Maria Sobh, 24, is a Lebanese-Canadian co-founder of The concept, an award-winning design and product development company that creates sustainable innovative solutions.

Sobh, who appears in the Creative category alongside her Sri Lankan and Indonesian partners Yadhushan Mahendran and Muhammad Rijal, is a United Arab Emirates-based graphic designer who is currently the Design Director for her company.

Sobh and his partners founded The concept in their final year of college after winning a competition backed by Emirates Airlines, and the company is now part of a partnership agreement with Etihad Airways to develop a sustainable food plateau.

# 4 Aboudy Farkh

Aboudy Farkh is the founder of Blue Terra, a Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates based marketplace that specializes in conscious and sustainable products from local and international brands.

Aboudy Farkh is the founder of Blue Terra, a marketplace based in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, specializing in conscious and sustainable products from local and international brands.

“If this bottle looks good but ends up floating on the beach, you won’t see it here.” If this cream is long lasting but works like Donald, you won’t see it here. Have we forgotten intelligence? Otherwise, you won’t see it here, ”is how Blue Terra describes their curation process on their website.

Farkh, a former professional basketball player of the Lebanese Basketball League, is in the E-commerce category of the Middle East 30 Under 30 list. The 27-year-old CEO aims to expand his market to the UK market this year.

# 5 Antoine Jebara

Classified in the Technology category, Antoine Jebara, 28, is the co-founder and CEO of MYKI, a renowned password management and authentication technology.

MYKI, available for iOS and Android, and as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, securely stores and manages passwords locally on all devices.

Offline Password Manager, also available as a standalone app for Windows and MacOS, has over one million users worldwide.

MYKI Inc. has offices in Lebanon, the United States and the United Kingdom, and clients in 172 countries.

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