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COLUMBIA – After a year of challenges, the theater is finally performing again in front of a live audience.

MU’s Larry D. Clark Summer Repertory Theater will present “Madagascar” outdoors at Traditions Plaza, starting Wednesday evening.

“Life is so exciting,” said Dr. Heather Carver.

Carver is the artistic director of the theater department. She said the effort between team members is completely new.

“We’ve worked so hard to prepare for this moment,” Carver said. “At that point, the audience arrives at the heart of the MU campus and we see our work unfold.”

Carver said people were excited to come out and enjoy the theater.

According to director Dr Joy Powell, the opening night is sold out.

“We’re making sure people are safely away,” Carver said.

Carver said they will have groups seated in pods, special blankets and a tier system for the seats.

“Larry D. Clark Repertory Theater has not done an outdoor performance since the 1950s,” Carver said. “But this is not the director’s first outdoor performance.”

Dr. Powell has directed, produced or choreographed over 50 musicals and plays during his tenure as professor. She said this year is very special.

“We can be on the outside and we can be on Traditions Plaza, which is such an important area and location on campus,” said Powell. “We really feel like we’re at the heart of this heritage of excellence and part of the campus community. ”

Powell and some of the cast said they were very excited about a live audience. The cast is made up of ten students.

Raynesha Green plays Gloria, the hip hip hippopotamus in Madagascar.

Green said she looks forward to performing live.

“I am delighted to see people’s faces, to hear their laughter and everything,” Green said.

Another actor, Anthony Blatter, had the same reaction.

“Without an audience it’s very difficult to do live theater,” Green said. “I am delighted to hear the audience participate.”

Performances run until July 3. Tickets for any of the performances can be purchased on their website.


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