Multidisciplinary artist Courtney EG is busy being “pro-humanity”

As Courtney EG, longtime Capital Region resident Courtney Guttenberg strikes in many artistic directions. With graphic and clothing design, music recording and promotion, and co-editing and publishing a local magazine, EG doesn’t really leave much downtime in its schedule.

The multitude of activities allows EG to explore the full range of its personality, while highlighting socio-political concerns and local talent through different formats.

“I want to be helpful and help people,” EG said. “I describe what I do as anti-evil, pro-humanity.”

EG, soon to be 27, grew up in Amsterdam, obsessed with late 90s and early 2000s culture – Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” programming, MTV’s “Jackass” and nu metal. This fit well with their interest in graphic design.

But it wasn’t until moving to Schenectady in 2017 – when life circumstances intervened – that EG felt compelled to give their artistic aspirations a serious boost. Nullvoid was born.

“I was convinced I was going to get fired from my job at the time,” they recall. “I decided that I wanted to spread my art, but also create a business.

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“It started out as ‘my brain on shirts,’ but it became more than T-shirts,” EG said. “It’s a way of showing the things I believe in, human rights, standing up for who you are. I try to give back what I can to the places I support.

The online company has since expanded to include socks, hats, shorts, bags and stickers. In addition to serving as a business for EG, it provided an outlet for them to pursue charitable endeavors; they run “T-Shirt Tuesday” and “Free Good Friday” promotions, where EG will donate to a charity of their choice based on purchases or social media reviews.

Starting nullvoid encouraged EG to pursue other creative challenges. This year they have teamed up with Town and Country Skateboards in Scotland. The skate shop serves as a backdrop for nullvoid-related photo shoots and EG has created his own skate team, but more importantly, he has opened up music business.

They run and book the Phantom Limb Concert series for the store, a monthly live electronic music show on Saturday afternoons and a “midday rave,” an experience EG describes as “a childhood dream come true.” .

The Phantom Limb shows serve two purposes: they allow EG to shine a spotlight on the local musicians they appreciate, and they provide an outlet for their prolific musical persona, Cordyceps.

“It’s what I call ‘electro-witch-punk from hell’,” EG explained. “I do computer music, that’s how it seems. I don’t want to have to sing constantly; I don’t have enough confidence in my voice and I don’t feel like writing lyrics all the time.

“I wanted to make music that people had an audio experience with, ‘sound collage’ is what I call it; it’s less about singing and more about having a setting or a feeling,” they added. “I keep writing songs that are darker, faster, and more beats per minute. It has this ‘living dead girl’ aesthetic that is kind of my identity.

On the 26th, EG released their second full Cordyceps project of the year, “Troublemaker”. However, they won’t have much time to bask in the glory of the album, as EG is also preparing another project in another medium.

In March 2021, EG was a guest on Troy-based drummer and DJ Josh “DJ Mercy” Groft’s podcast. Later that summer, he gauged their willingness to launch a local art magazine. In December, the pair launched the first number “Hypersaturation”. The fifth installment, focusing on fashion in and around 518, is slated for release in September.

“The first three issues were a batch of submissions (from local writers),” they said. “Now we do themed issues, mostly focusing on Schenectady and Troy. The latest issue focused on food shortages and organizations like Food Not Bombs.

“We try to cover people who used to live here, or live or are around a lot,” EG continued. “We are constantly planning it. It’s important to us that people have something to hold and see. We strive to ensure that each number is beautiful, coherent and logical. »

As if all that weren’t enough, EG also manages social media accounts for various brands and helps publicize new releases from local talent like singer-songwriter Lucas Garrett and hip-hop duo Cardiff Giants. If they are successful, they will continue to seize every opportunity that comes their way.

“I don’t see a time where I’m going to slow down anytime soon,” they said. “I can feel so overwhelmed, but when I have an idea, I have to do it.”

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