Musician Hasenhuttl hopes to strike the right note at West Ham

As Ralph Hasenhuttl strives to make his voice heard on the pitch during the holiday season, he’s also been looking to find the right marks on some Christmas classics!

The Patron Saint is an avid pianist who has shown his musical talents to his team in the past.

And the 54-year-old revealed he refreshed a few Christmas carols while playing his beloved instrument in his apartment.

Asked by the Daily Echo if he knew any Christmas songs on the piano, Hasenhuttl replied: “They’re mostly Austrians, I only know the German versions!”

“Silent Night – I don’t know their names but you would.

“My neighbor on the 18th floor said he hears it and he listens to how I learn the new ones, but they get better. At Christmas, they are perfect!

Making him understand that all his neighbors in the block must be able to hear his interpretations, Hasenhuttl replied: “Yes, maybe so. The only guy who sometimes accompanied me with the elevator is the guy on the 18th floor. He tells me about it.

“So far no complaints from the neighbors!”

The win over West Ham on Boxing Day would be music to Hasenhuttl’s ears and give St Mary’s side their fourth league win of the campaign.

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