Nurko Teams Up With Crystal Skies On New Hit “Lost Without You”


Back after the recent release of the cover for their highly anticipated EP “Arrival”, established force NURKO continue to show off what they have in store with the emotive new single “Lost Without You”. The second single from the upcoming EP sees NURKO collaborating with well-known duo Crystal Skies and singer/songwriter KnownAsNat. With NURKO’s upcoming “Arrival” US tour set to kick off March 10 in Portland, Oregon, the new release is keeping fans on their toes for its biggest year yet. “Lost Without You” is now available to stream on all platforms via Proximity.

Opening with diaphanous instrumentation and ample vocals, “Lost Without You” takes listeners into a raw, unfiltered sonic space. With soulful lyrics and emotionally charged intensity, the offering unleashes its full force with finely tuned bass, serving as a beautiful blend of each artist’s unique sound. The propelling sound gem boasts a catchy melody, filling listeners with feelings of nostalgia. Swelling into a layered cinematic soundscape, the incredible effort prepares fans for the journey ahead in NURKO’s “Arrival” EP.

ABOUT NURKO — Renowned DJ/producer Jack Leech, known professionally as NURKO, grew up in New Jersey in a family of generations of performers. Encouraged to be creative from birth, he learned drums and piano as a child and later studied music at university. Using classical knowledge of music with the influence of electronic music subgenres on the internet, the nickname NURKO was born. His first big track, “Goodbye,” was released in 2015 and soon after was followed by “Your Embrace,” which garnered over 2 million streams and YouTube channel placements on MrSuicideSheep and Chill Nation. Continuing the momentum, NURKO released an unofficial remix of Halsey’s hit single “Without Me”, which surpassed 40 million plays on the Trap Nation YouTube channel.

Subsequently, the years that followed marked a huge turning point for NURKO with the release of an arsenal of singles and remixes with millions of streams and support from Gryffin, Seven Lions, Adventure Club, Jauz, Cash Cash, Codeko, Alison Wonderland, Timmy. Trumpet, Zeds Dead, R3hab, and more. NURKO’s 2021 lead singles “Disappearing Now” and “Hallelujah” now collectively sit on over 2.2 million combined streams across all platforms, effortlessly setting an exciting precedent for what to expect with their next “Arrival” EP.

ABOUT CRYSTAL SKIES — American EDM duo Crystal Skies have developed their own unique dubstep sound over the years. Known for their melodic bass-driven tracks like “Never Change” and “Wait,” the duo have found magic between their respective styles, creating music that resonates emotionally with listeners. After testing solo careers, Louisiana native Britain Holcomb and Philadelphia native Aaron Dawon decided to work together to produce “Paradise Lost,” their first collaboration. Known for its superb piano intro, soothing melodies and Abigail’s impressive vocals, their debut track became an instant hit within the Soundcloud community. Since their formation, they have amassed over 41 million plays on Spotify, 4.8 million plays on SoundCloud and 25 million views on YouTube. Possessing a relentless work ethic and a desire to create new music, Crystal Skies gained notoriety collaborating with artists such as Seven Lions, MitiS and Jason Ross, as well as remixing Above & Beyond, Illenium, Slander and Dabin. With their latest January release “Gone” featuring Linney and MitiS, the horizon looks bright for Crystal Skies as they continue to show off their undeniably raw talent.

ABOUT KNOWNASNAT – New York born, Seattle raised artist KnownAsNat mixes EDM with meaningful lyrics to create a sound like no other. Originally playing acoustic music, KnownAsNat has been writing music since 2007 and performing since the age of 13. Flagged early by MoPop, performing as part of the Seattle SoundOff! competition, the talent burst onto the scene with the release of ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ with producer Fluencie, reaching over half a million visits on Spotify. She has since performed for hundreds of people, opening for top artists such as Joyryde, Blackbear, KYLE, Said the Sky and Joey Badass. With a love for writing and performing music on stage, KnownAsNat is making his mark as an artist to watch.

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Nurko teams up with Crystal Skies on new hit

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