Our end product must be a priority – From industry players to artists

Comparisons between the Ghanaian music industry and those of other countries, especially Nigeria, will certainly continue.

Apart from the concern about how Nigerian songs are dominating our airwaves, there have been questions about how our songs and artists have not been able to reach the heights that their Nigerian counterparts have reached in the world.

Well, industry players have given their reasons why we seem to be lagging behind and for some of them, our artists need to pay more attention to their end product.

Sound engineer, Appietus said the end product was one of the biggest problems for Ghanaian musicians and why they cannot break into the international market, putting Nigerians and other countries ahead of us.

“When it comes to music, our guys are not doing badly but the problem is with our mastering which is the end product. Most musicians in Ghana will not go to a professional for mastering, so that the final work does not meet international standards.

“People like Nana Acheampong, Kojo Antwi, Daddy Lumba and most Ghanaian musicians I know used to go to Bodo Staiger, a German musician and producer, to master their works. Kojo Antwi never allowed a black man to master his work but I mastered Adiepena which was an entire album.

“These seasoned musicians paid attention to the end product and that’s why their music always sounds great, but that seems to be lacking lately. Only a handful of musicians turn to professionals for the end product,” he said. he declares. Graphic Showbiz.

Adding his voice to the curation, the Artists Manager, Mr. Logic, said that apart from the final product, there are many things that Ghanaian musicians need to do.

According to him, it is necessary to get the right content, as well as to mix local languages ​​with English to attract foreigners.

“When I talk about content, I mean we have to get away from love songs. You see, 80% of our songs are about love. We have to get away from it and talk about something else. We’re in behind on so many things and we need to speed up.

“Also, we have to market our songs outside because it seems like our songs are only for the Ghanaian market. We have to make songs that travel beyond Ghana, when we know our target audience outside and let’s make the right music for them, we can get our music out there,” he revealed.

Hitz FM Presenter Andy Dosty also agreed with Appietus, adding that sometimes the end products of some of our musicians aren’t good for broadcast.

“It’s like young musicians are just in a rush to get into the studio to record anything, get the name and start playing for money without paying attention to the end product. When it comes to music, we are really doing a fantastic job but these little things are the main concern that we need to address, it is very necessary,” he said.

According to Andy Dosty, as far as he is concerned, Ghanaians are doing better than Nigerian musicians but you just have to put in a little more and they will get there.

Musician Kofi Kinaata recounted Graphic Showbiz that to get international recognition, just like Nigerians, they need to do more international collaborations and have representatives in other countries who will push their music.

“Nigerian musicians and other musicians from other African countries are bold and would call on the right people to get them where they want to go and that is what we should be looking at,” he said.

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