Performance artist explores interior and exterior space of pandemic isolation


Submitted by Nikyta Palmisani

How has this pandemic year been for you? What inner explorations have you gone through? What external explorations of our planet have you traveled without ever leaving your home, mediated by screens?

From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, meet at Lopez Village Park to see Space Lotus, an interactive performance that seeks to explore these questions about our collective experience of this long year.

The Space Lotus is a performance piece that speaks to our collective experience of isolation to mark a full year of pandemic lockdown. It features Nikyta Palmisani, who is a performance artist and yoga and mindfulness instructor, in a duration performance performed inside a 4ft by 4ft transparent cube made of wood and plexiglass. The transparent box is a symbol that speaks of the life experience of many people suddenly limited to the four walls of our own homes. The other two metaphors included in the piece are those of exploring interior and exterior space.

Palmisani has a background in mental health and constantly wondered how best to help build resilience during the pandemic for so many people struggling with sudden isolation. She has studied two main groups who have developed working practices for internal self-regulation in isolated environments: astronauts and monks / monastics / yogis. These form the coin’s symbolic exploration: What were our experiences of indoor and outdoor space during the pandemic? Palmisani will have a live broadcast via the zoom where people around the world can participate in facilitated conversations about these explorations.

During the performance, Palmisani will spend 1.75 hours at a time in each of these two areas: the Lotus, in practices and conversations about mindfulness and our inner experience of the pandemic, and the space: as than an astronaut, who spends his entire waking life. mediated by screens that connect the small space capsule to the rest of the Earth through virtual spaces for socialization, work, exercise and dialogue.

The public is invited to see and interact with Palmisani in person on the day of the event via the transparent cube’s secure COVID support, or join the live conversations via Zoom. To learn more about Palmisani and this work, visit the calendar at

Photo added Nikyta Palmisani presents Space Lotsus at Lopez Village Park.
Photo added Nikyta Palmisani presents Space Lotsus at Lopez Village Park.

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