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Who are we?

Supernature Labs is a regenerative design and technology organization committed to reinventing the existing structures of the built environment and stopping urban sprawl as we know it.

Founded by Dror Benshetrit, Supernature Labs is a global ecosystem
of designers, architects, urban planners, city futurists, engineers, neuroscientists, strategists, technologists and activists responding to the need for regenerative urban communities.

We recognize the enormous amount of resources and wealth invested to enable billions of people to live in an environment that will kill us all. Both a call to action and an organization, our mission is to develop urban planning as we know it towards “bioplanning”, a more effective, healthier and harmonious engagement between the natural and the built world.

We are developing a holistic and practical framework for designing like nature, and with nature, to measurably improve the well-being of all life.

Together, we work to facilitate the transition from sustainability to ecological harmony and design innovative solutions for urban planning, building typologies, material use and regenerative construction methods that deliver holistic, ecological urban experiences. and scalable, allowing communities, economies and ecosystems to grow by supporting each other.

What is the role ?

In this new role, you will be an early member of our team and support the planning, design and development of our urban projects which aim to radically rethink the way cities are built.

Our work is focused on planning, designing and building Supercell communities around the world.
The Supercell is a modular biophilic and mixed-use neighborhood housing solution designed to merge structure and infrastructure and support healthy, equitable and regenerative communities.

You will join a team of architects, designers and technologists dedicated to sparking massive changes in the AEC industry by advancing regenerative construction through cutting-edge technologies and sustainability practices.

This is a project manager / designer role with a path to grow, probably a great choice for someone with 5-8 years of professional experience in urban design and planning. You will work closely with the Design Director.

As an Urbanist / Designer, you will be responsible for:
_Contribute to the strategy and development of urban planning and design for Supercell communities around the world.
_Contribute to the development of 3D models on an urban scale for several unique Supercell projects.
_Work in conjunction with cutting-edge computational and generative design workflows to develop and code our urban designs and _Bioplanning approach into a comprehensive planning framework.
_Develop urban master plan concepts that integrate regenerative building typologies and green infrastructure systems.
_Development of documentation sets for several projects (drawings, renderings, diagrams).
_Research innovative infrastructure systems, sustainable technologies and regenerative urban strategies and integrate them into master plan concepts.

_Professional diploma (bachelor’s or master’s degree) in urban planning / design or in a related field.
_5-8 years of experience in urban planning / design working on masterplanning projects.
_Excellent knowledge of the AEC industry and standard planning and design processes.
_Excellent knowledge of the first principles, codes and policies of town planning.
_Excellent understanding of sustainability principles and technologies.
_Excellent graphic, verbal and written communication skills.
_Excellent knowledge of design software – mainly Rhino 3D and Grasshopper.
_ Proficiency in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).
_Experience with GIS software.
_Great time management skills and the ability to work well independently.
_Able to adapt quickly to changing daily design needs.
_Want to work in a quick start environment.
_Passionate about sustainability and the future of cities.

Pleasant to the well-off:
_Experience with Grasshopper and computer design.
_The Unity experience is a plus.

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