RADAR Poland celebrates its first anniversary with five new artists — Spotify

Spotify’s RADAR Poland debuted a year ago to introduce emerging artists to new fans. The program aims to help emerging artists around the world open new chapters in their careers while strengthening their connection with local and global listeners. Ten artists and over 50 million streams later, RADAR Poland has certainly made its mark.

In June 2021, the program announced the first six artists on its roster: Julia Posnik, Szczyl, Dziwna Wiosna, P. Tropez, Zaliaand KIWI. In November, he announced four additional artists: Married, Brazil, Jannand Briska. Thanks to the support of RADAR, which includes a personalized marketing plan and spotlights on the platform, these artists saw an increase in both their fan bases and their visibility.

Female artists are booming and enjoying great success in Poland, which we are helping to advance with some of our picks. Zalia, singer-songwriter and native of Warsaw, has increased his monthly listeners by more than 200% since joining the RADAR program last year. “Spotify’s editorial playlists not only help promote and gain popularity, but also spread women’s music and creativity. As a female artist, I really feel the noticeable change in the music industry, and I know Spotify plays a big part in it,” Zalia shared.

Other local RADAR artists have also found success, with Brazil and Married do it in the Top 50 most streamed female artists in Poland for 2021.”A year later, we are happy to already be able to talk about the success that our former RADAR artists have had. It is obvious that this is a program where artists can be discovered”, explained Mateusz Smolka, music team leader at Spotify. “We believe that through the support of the RADAR program, our current and future artists will be able to achieve new successes and win the hearts of millions of Spotify users.”

As we celebrate the program’s anniversary, we are thrilled to announce five new artists who will be joining RADAR Poland. Check them out below:

Anya Leon is a young singer who has built her sound around dark electronic production and intriguing lyrics. Fans may already know Ania from her live performances as a supporting actor for Natalia Przybysz, Daria Zawialowand Brodka. At the end of 2021, she released a cover of Krzysztof Zalewskithe hit song”Miłość miłośćas part of the Kayax XX Rework series.

Julia Rocka looks at the camera

Julia Rocka is a Gen Z artist whose songs combine elements of pop, urban and alternative genres with consciously provocative storytelling in her lyrics. His singles have been played over 10 million times on Spotify, and the song “Jeep” reached number one on the Spotify Viral chart in Poland.

Marissa posing for the camera with her hands near her face

Marissa is a multi-talented singer who began her artistic adventure by playing the piano and writing poems. Now she creates songs not only for herself, but also for other artists. Marissa’s signature style combines pop with a mix of urban and trap beats.

The artist TYNSKY posing in front of the camera.  The wind blows her hair in front of her face.

TYNSKY, or Tomek Kamiński, is an 18-year-old singer from Płock who writes and composes his own songs. His music was heavily influenced by the works of the British singer Ed Sheeran. From the beginning of the song, “Stop the partyin October 2021, TYNSKY has released eight original tracks and is currently working on his debut EP.

The artist NEL poses in front of the camera

From Warsaw, NEL traveled to Turkey after finishing school to seek artistic inspiration. The singer released six singles, including the title “Sativa» which she recorded with the rapper filipek. NEL is currently working on her debut EP and recently released her new single, “CUD.”

Now that you know a little more about the artists, discover their tracks on the RADAR Poland playlist.

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