Ramesh shares the second single from his upcoming album, Eternal Spring

Today Ramesh (of Voxtrot) is thrilled to share “Valentino”, the second pre-release single from his album eternal spring released March 11 via Cult Hero Records (Pre-order). “Valentino” debuted at Kaput Magazine as well as an exclusive interview with Ramesh. The song can be ordered now at band campall proceeds from today’s sales being donated to the Ukrainian Crisis Fund.

Ramesh spoke about the song, saying, “The song is a stream-of-consciousness meditation on my many experiences in gay clubs – and in clubs in general – balancing the impulses of hedonism and the desire for a more When I first started going to legendary Glasgow club Optimo (Espacio) at the age of 19, I was blown away by the dark, alien-sounding records they played…a prime example being Hot on the Heels of Love by Throbbing Gristle; the mood was grim but simultaneously filled with joy.”

He went on to say “I experienced that same dualistic essence at most of my favorite clubs, such as Berlin’s Berghain | Panorama Bar and the now defunct How to Kill the DJ in Paris. Sonically, this song is a tribute to these places – it weaves through darkness and uncertainty, rises to an explosive climax and finally resolves to a kind of peace, a letting go.”

“Valentino” follows the album’s first single, “Eternal Spring” and its accompanying video. The video debuted at Brooklyn Vegan and can also be shared on Youtube Where Spotify for all playlist shares.

Ramesh talks about his songwriting career saying, “I started writing this song when I was 31 and I saw a guy who was 24. He quickly ghosted me and I been devastated, which prompted me to examine my dating history..illuminating my many entanglements and codependent behaviors at his age.The song is a poetic exploration of the desire to break free from such entanglements into something more mature and meaningful .

“When we made the video, I was thinking about how my experience as a gay person has influenced my approach to dating – that most areas of my life have been affected by an underlying lack of self-esteem. and that the journey to true love begins with a battle for self-love. Thus, I wanted this to be a visual love letter to the particular power(s) I perceive in people. LGBTQ+, inspired by directors like Pedro Almodóvar and Isaac Julien’s 1989 film Looking for Langston.The video follows a loose narrative of starting in isolation, finding your people, experiencing intentionality nature/divinity within, and ultimately celebrating that beauty.”

Voxtrot called it quits in 2010 and so began Ramesh’s life as a solo artist. His debut album The King was released in 2014 and was the culmination of five very mobile years… adrift between Austin, New York and Berlin. Partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the album was accompanied by a limited edition book containing 100 pages of poems, prose and photographs, and although he and his new bandmates (Ryan Hall, Marc Henry and Danny Borja) have done two small US tours, for the most part it was another recording project. The album is tinged with a sweet melancholy, and in some ways it’s the sound of a lost soul searching for purpose.

In 2014, Ramesh moved back to Austin, and it was there that he slowly began to rebuild himself, inside and out. The next eight years will be defined not only by a rediscovery of his musical self but also of his Self with a capital “s”, aided by various forms of therapy and inner work. He had a few short stints in Los Angeles, dabbling in collaboration and professional songwriting (with artists such as Haim and Rostam), but life brought him home to Austin. At some point he accepted that the only way for a second solo album to see the light of day was if he became one hundred percent responsible for it, and so followed several years of work at the restaurant to finance studio time, orchestral arrangements and session musicians.

“My therapist talks about external wanderlust versus internal wanderlust,” says Ramesh. “I’ve exercised a lot of external wanderlust in my life, but for the past few years I’ve had to go within, explore my spirituality and psychology.” This inner exploration manifests itself on his new album eternal spring not only in certain subjects, but also in the sound variety of the songs, embracing a wide range of music that he loves, including soul, electronic and country music.

The album deals somewhat more directly than previous releases with her experience as a queer person as well as her relationship to fame and artistic freedom, and revisits her lifelong search for true love, approaching it from a place of empowerment and the desire to mature. . Steeped in the album is a hope, a full embrace of the human experience, and a celebration of personal essence.

Stream: “Valentino” on Kaput Magazine Where Youtube

Watch: the official video for “Eternal Spring” on Brooklyn Vegan Where Youtube

Watch the Eternal Spring album trailer on Youtube

Photo credits: Eric Morales

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